Heaven. What can it be compared to?

Heaven. What can it be compared to?

Most believing Christians often come across the word “Heaven” when reading the Sacred Texts (it’s normal because in the New Testament only, it is mentioned about three hundred times). If we turn to the Second Epistle to the Corinthians, we can find the part when one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ (namely, Apostle Paul) “went to the third heaven”. This Text makes it clear that there are three so-called levels of Heaven.

The Holy Bible will help us find the answer to this question. It says there are:

  • The First Heaven. It is made of clouds, and it’s the place where the birds fly;
  • The Second Heaven. It is much higher than the First. It is a vast space where there are many elements (outer space consisting of stars, planets, extinguished stars, and many others);
  • The Third Heaven (the subject of this discussion). This is the place where God is and where all true Christians will go (this is a special place for them, they will live in this Third Heaven). Also, this place is a haven where the Old Testament Saints are.

More information about the Third Heaven

Detailed information about the Third Heaven and its City can be found in the Sacred Texts. Apostle John describes it there. According to his words, this is an unusual place, which is filled with the presence of God. In Heaven, there is no sun or moon. There’s no need for them because the light in this place comes from the very presence of God.

As for the City in Heaven, John described it as the purest and incredibly beautiful place, where many precious stones fill the space with brilliance. The garden is full of life and flourishes, every corner of it is full of life. Rivers of Life and the Sacred Tree of Life are also mentioned.

Keep in mind that John wasn’t able to describe this place clearly enough for the mind of an ordinary person because, first, such a Sacred Place cannot be described in simple words, and second, it is beyond human understanding (people are too primitive and small to imagine this place).


The Third Heaven is the real place where God is. Every moment spent there will remind you of God. You will no longer feel sad or regretful. This is truly a great place.

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