Meet ANDCROSS, Orthodox Workshop Store: Choose Beauty as the Divine Connection with God!

Do you agree that faith is essential for all humans? As an Orthodox Christian, you should have a strong belief in God, the Creator, and in the widely recognized doctrines of the Orthodox Church. You should boost your spiritual development using different methods. One of them is to have the ability to see, feel, possess, and share beauty with others. What is true beauty? It’s a source of spirituality that points humans to God. You should remember that God, the Creator, is beauty itself. We can see true beauty with our eyes, hearts, and souls. “As your faith is, let it be done to you” (Matthew 9:29). If you behold the beauty of God, you are on the right spiritual path. You can connect with God, the Holy Mother, and other saints, if you visit our Orthodox Workshop Store, ANDCROSS, an amazing place for Orthodox believers. Go to our webpage using the link

ANDCROSS, our Orthodox Workshop Store, is aimed at promoting Orthodox traditions through sharing beauty with believers. This is an e-commerce site developed by the Orthodox Art Corporation, known as ANDCROSS. It is located in the city of Tallinn (Estonia). It has been operating on the web since 1999 as an online retailer. With over 20 years in the global market, we monitor supplies of important Christian goods, collaborate with skilled craftsmen and large companies that produce religious artwork, and sell their products.

Our mission is to combine ancient traditions with the Orthodox Church canons and modern jewelry art in order to share the spirit of Orthodox culture with others. We offer handiwork performed by skilled Orthodox craftsmen from all parts of the world to everyone who has a great desire to be guided by God in life. As the Christian faith and the Church are inseparable, it’s critical to possess different objects of beauty that symbolize faith. Among these holy objects are Orthodox crosses, rings, bells, candles, books, and icons.

Silver Holy Icons

Silver icons are available for everybody who tends to follow the ancient practices of the Orthodox Church. These holy artworks with depictions of Jesus Christ or other saint personages are declared as influential sources of devotion in the Orthodox Church. We offer a wide range of holy images of various sizes, shapes, and designs made of high quality silver. Of these, there are religious paintings like the wonderworking Holy Trinity Icon, the Icon of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Icons of the Mother of God, and the Icon of the Guardian Angel, as well as other valuable religious art pieces.

It’s important for an Orthodox Christian to be in possession of a silver icon which represents either authoritative sacred figures or meaningful historical events in diverse techniques like wood, fresco painting, or mosaic work. Traditionally, handmade devotional icons covered with silver are used as a gift to a believer. It’s a symbol of faith that stands for the door to Heaven. Don’t hesitate to choose the one on our website, right now!

With our venerated silver iconography, you can believe in the divinity of God and call on Him for help any time you are in trouble. “Make a request, and it will be answered; what you are searching for, you will get; give the sign, and the door will be open to you. Because to everyone who makes a request, it will be given; and he who is searching will get his desire; and to him who gives the sign, the door will be open” (Matthew 7: 7-8). All the icons available for sale at our virtual store are worth buying. These artworks are handmade, well-elaborated, and meaningful. Have you become the owner of any religious icons? Order the one from ANDCROSS, the Orthodox Workshop Store, right now!

Orthodox Books

Saying a prayer is an important Christian act that allows every follower to bring his or her heart and mind closer to God. Prayers should be learned by heart. Consistent praying requires much time and effort. Our Orthodox Workshop Store, ANDCROSS, offers you the chance to get famous Orthodox books that serve as powerful weapons for any Christian right now. You should remember that God’s Word stands for a true manifestation of both His mind and His will. Having the sacred writings of the Orthodox Christian religion in your home library, one can read original sacred texts every day, and pray to God, the Holy Spirit, the Mother of God, and other holy figures. Enlarge your collection of sacred writings!

Many canonical writings are acclaimed by the Orthodox Church as valuable sources of religious teaching. Among them are the Orthodox Book of Psalms, the Holy Gospel, the Orthodox Pocket Prayer, the Orthodox Prayer Book, the Orthodox Priest Service Book, and others. You can discover the best Orthodox books on our website here:

You can visit our Orthodox Workshop Store and choose an Orthodox book based on your preferences, moral needs, or on the subject of your interest. Welcome!

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