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Icons of The Lord Jesus Christ

Icon of the Lord Jesus Christ

The image of Jesus Christ is the most important icon in the house. It represents the image of God, who was crucified for the human race. People use the image of the Saint primarily to protect the home. The iconographic face of the Lord is often used to ask for help in grief, troubles, and diseases. It is considered to be an indispensable attribute of the life of Christians, so it is crucial to purchase an icon, but this should be done not at the call of need, but the behest of the soul. In that case, the iconographic face of the Lord will help, protect and support.

Features of the symbolism

Several versions of the images of the Lord exist. However, in the classic Lord Jesus Christ icon, the image is used following the canons of the 9th century. Standard elements of the iconography are the following;

  • Halo over the head of Jesus Christ, representing the Tabor Light;
  • The cross, symbolizing the victory over sin;
  • The Raised Hand of Christ for Blessing;
  • Folded fingers on the hand symbolize teaching and dual nature;

The image of God on this icon is presented in such a way that a believer does not forget that Jesus Christ has a divine origin, but he was a real human living on earth.

The creators of the classic image of the face also paid close attention to smooth hair, a small beard, and a mustache to emphasize age.

Advantages of the Lord Jesus Christ Iconography

Such item traditionally occupies first place in every believers’ house and church. For home prayer, a small waist image of God Himself is considered appropriate and sufficient. Besides its divine power, the iconographic image has other advantages as well:

  • The high-quality materials used to manufacture the icon will ensure that the face of the Saint lasts as long as possible;
  • Vivid, natural colors, clear drawing;
  • A protective coating against fading;
  • The image of Christ represents canonical icons in churches;

Why it’s worth buying the Lord Jesus Christ Icon

The icon serves as a bridge of some kind between the Divine world and the human world. If a person is faced with diseases of loved ones, life troubles, and cannot make the right decision, prayer helps him. Thanks to the iconography, the requests of ordinary people reach the Lord much faster.

Any prayer can be read both in church and in front of the iconostasis at home. The main thing is to build such iconostasis and the best way to start it is with the canonical image of Christ

Where to buy the iconography of the Lord

Buying an icon is a crucial decision for any believer. To purchase the icon you can contact our store, where the consecrated Icon of the Lord Jesus Christ is presented. With her, it becomes brighter and more comfortable at home. Buying an icon in our online store, you can rest assured that it complies with the church canons. A high-quality image of the face of Christ will last long and will be passed on from generation to generation. It will indeed help you make the right decisions and get rid of grief and adversity.