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The Icon Of Holy Guardian Angel

Icon of the Holy Guardian Angel

Along with the rest of the Orthodox sacraments, baptism plays an important role for Christians. It is believed that a person has his guardian angel exactly in this process. This patron accompanies the believer throughout his life until he goes to another world. And to always feel his presence, it is worth buying an icon of the Holy Guardian Angel for the home iconostasis.

Such a religious object must be present in the house because the image depicted on it must be addressed daily. The best option is to place the icon painting on the eastern wall so that there is a semblance of an altar at home. But if there is no such corner in the house, it is allowed to install the shrine in another place where there is enough space for kneeling. And in order not to be distracted from prayer, it is not necessary to place near mundane objects represented by posters, televisions, etc.

What do people pray for in front of the icon of the Holy Guardian Angel

When a person is faced with everyday worries, difficult life situations, he can at any time pray in front of the image of the Holy Guardian Angel. If the prayer was said with sincere faith and an open soul, the Saint will surely show the right path and accompany his ward along with it. People turn to the guardian angel in the following moments:

  • Start of new important cases;
  • The decision to change something in life;
  • Departure on a journey;
  • Preparing to perform on stage;
  • Passing the exam;
  • Completing an important task.

Thanks to the patron’s influence, people learn to cope with agreements, pacify ill-wishers, and communicate with colleagues.

The image of the guardian angel

At their core, angels are considered invisible and disembodied beings. When they appear in front of people, they look like young boys. The true essence in them is reflected by the eyes and snow-white robes. And while painting icons, the masters take into account this moment.

On our website, every believer can purchase a creation of iconographic art with the canonical image of the Holy Guardian Angel. Thanks to the work of the best masters, the image looks spiritual, sublime. The design of a religious object is of high quality, which allows you to pray in front of it and feel the presence of a patron who will always help and determine the right path.

Buy an icon of the Holy Guardian Angel

On our website, there is an icon of high quality with the image of the patron of people. All the details are carefully drawn on it. This beautiful and durable relic will protect generations of loved people and help them in the most difficult moments of life. Thanks to high-quality materials, it will not lose its appearance and will look as attractive and spiritual as after purchase. Such an icon is a symbol of Christianity, and it is able to take its rightful place among the other shrines of the home iconostasis. It is easy and pleasant to read daily prayers in front of such a religious subject.