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The Icon Of Holy Mother Of God Kazan

Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

Andcross keeps up with the evolution of the market and nurtures an interest in the spiritual development of people. At the moment the store provides an evolutionary unique collection of images.

Features of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan

The Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is made in high quality, made with foil stamping and gilding. On the back of the Icon, there is a holy prayer describing the celebration of the day of the icon and the life of the Virgin.

The designers worked out the image in a modern graphic solution, using a combination of noble materials and valuable wood.

The main advantage of Andross on the market is considered to be the handmade original work of the craftsman combined with the high quality of the product.

Exterior design

The Mother of God is attributed to the “Guide”, made in the shoulder-length version, which is characteristic of the Virgin icon. The head of Our Lady leans toward Jesus, who raised his hand in a certain gesture, blessing the faithful. The Mother of God’s face shows sorrow and the infant’s face shows seriousness. Their gazes are directed toward the one praying as if looking inside the soul.

What does Our Lady of Kazan help with?

The image of the Miraculous Woman provides help in difficult situations when a person feels that there is no way out of the current situation. The main thing is that the intentions should be good and sincere.

What can you pray to an icon about:

  • About healing. Since ancient times Our Lady has performed miracles, giving sight back to the blind and the ability of women to bear and bear a child.
  • About helping warriors-defenders. The miraculous Mother of God more than once helped the Russian army in battle to defeat the enemy.
  • About the blessing of marriage, Our Lady is the protector of the family. She preserves the union and love of the spouses and does not allow them to succumb to the temptations of adultery. A man who has strayed from the right path and lost confidence in his spouse, who turns to the Mother of God, will be given the strength to correct his mistakes.
  • About the guidance of children. The icon can be prayed for the health of children, as well as ask Our Lady to help guide them on the right path. The Virgin will help to rid the child of the evil eye, heal from addiction, and be a support for parents who want to teach their children to stand firmly on their own feet.

A person should pray with all his heart, putting all his faith in every word. In this case, the intercessor will help the petitioner.

When is the feast day of Our Lady of Kazan?

In Russia, the Day of Our Lady of Kazan is celebrated on July 21 and November 4. In July, the celebration is associated with the apparition of the Virgin Mary to the girl Matrona. And the November holiday is associated with the day of the liberation of Moscow from Poland and also this day is considered to be the Day of National Unity.

The image found by the little girl Matrona becomes the shrine of the people and the heavenly sign of the Mother of God. Our Lady of Kazan is considered a guide, so she is necessary for people who need help in making a difficult decision.

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