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Icon of The Mother of God Vladimir

Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God

For many centuries the image of the Mother of God has been considered miraculous, helping mankind to protect itself from death, encroachment by enemies, and other dangers. And icons with the image of Our Lady of Vladimir were taken by orthodox warriors to the battles so that she would protect them from death and give them good luck.

Today it is considered important to have a religious object with the face of the Saint in every home of believers. The icon is able to give people peace and grace. The Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God helps Christians to get rid of diseases of the soul and body.

What is prayed before the icon

For centuries people have prayed before the religious object on the iconostasis for many things that trouble them. It is believed to be a symbol that can work a real miracle. The Virgin is most often asked for the following:

  • Healing sick suffering from cardiovascular disease;
  • Deliverance from sudden misfortunes;
  • Preservation of the Russian Land;
  • Protection from Enemies;
  • Making important decisions.

There have been cases when prayers before the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God have helped people regain their sight or get rid of infertility. Christians believe that the image of Our Lady must be present in every home. It is close to the soul and helps to strengthen faith in the miracle, reconcile those who are at odds and help to improve relationships in the family. Usually, if the image of Our Lady is on the home iconostasis, a peaceful situation with mutual understanding reigns in the family.

For this reason, many people choose this particular icon for themselves or as a gift. It is a miraculous object, which not only becomes a decoration of the home iconostasis, but also a religious symbol of peace, good understanding between close people.

The image of Our Lady of Vladimir is considered to be special even in iconography. It refers more to the type expressing propitiation. It is the most lyrical image of the Mother of God. The face of the Saint fully reflects true love, for which it is so appreciated by believing people. And for the representatives of the Church, the countenance is the embodiment of the soul that communicates intimately with God.

Where to Buy the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God

Our company offers to buy such a religious object for your home or as a gift for a loved one. If a believer has health problems, problems in the family, or has to deal with hostile people, it is guaranteed to provide reliable protection. The canonical image of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God was taken as the basis. When creating a religious object, all factors were taken into account, so that the colors were saturated, natural, and did not fade over the years. Home prayers for health, making important decisions will be effective if they are sincere. The icon is made by the best masters, who have taken into account all the church canons. The creation with the face of the Saint will take a worthy place on the iconostasis of the house and will bring peace, warmth, comfort to it.

Virgin Mary, Holy Mother, Blessed Vladimir Mother of God,
Stay with us forever with Thy kind eternal prayer.
Exalt over our heads and hearts as a white dove.
Accept and reveal Thy clear and lucid joy of expectancy.

Patronize and bless us, Mother, praying to Lord Jesus,
Showing virtue in body and soul to us people,
Driving off a wayfarer’s path the wicked and the evil,
Thou bring glad tidings to those expecting God.

Rejoice Thou, the Immaculate One and Rejoice Thou, the Blessed One,
Heavenly Light of this joy warming hearts.
Holy images of Thine shining with help and imperishable faith.
Thy miraculous icons strengthen mind and body.

So we praise Thee, Virgin, fulfillment of joy in the heart,
In repentance we are calling Thee, the winner of heart woes.
Omnipotent Queen, everyone’s good guidance,
Most Holy Theotokos, guarding our Orthodox Faith.

Virgin Mary, Holy Mother, Blessed Vladimir Mother of God,
Stay with us forever with Thy kind eternal prayer.

The Most Holy Theotokos, save us!

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