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The Holy Family

Icon of the Holy Family

For believers, marriage and family ties are of great importance, which determines the presence of the Holy Family icon on most of the home iconostases. The image of three significant figures for Christians was not canonized by the Orthodox Church. Nevertheless, people pray in front of this religious item and receive a share of help. It is not counted as one of the images for several reasons:

  • Mary and Joseph were betrothed, but not married. According to Orthodox canons, such a situation is unacceptable;
  • The image shows Jesus as a child. According to Holy Scripture, the man at the time of all the biblical events was at least a hundred years old.

Over time, the image never got canonized, but the icon painting nevertheless acquired a symbolic meaning for believers. It is considered the patroness of family ties and happy marriage. If one does not know what to gift the newlyweds on their wedding day, then the Holy Family icon can become an excellent solution. It can also be purchased for those celebrating their wedding anniversary. In this case, it helps to strengthen family ties. To celebrate the birth of a child, such an item of icon painting is considered a suitable present. It will save the baby from life’s misfortunes.

How the Holy Family icon can help

The image of a happy family is important for believers. It is considered the patron saint of the family, the marriage union. Over the years of the existence of such an image, traditions and rituals have spawned around it. Essentially, the icon is given to those who have just married, so that they do not know misfortunes during the duration of the union.

A religious item also helps keep the family together. There is even a tradition to give such an icon to those who are celebrating their wedding anniversary. The icon, among other things, helps to ward off troubles from children, which is also an invaluable help when placed in the homes of believers.

What are the main advantages of a work of icon painting

The product, at just one glance at it, makes you understand that its main meaning is love, mutual understanding in the family, loyalty, and constancy. Such an object must be present in every home, despite its non-recognition by the church. The Holy Family Icon has many benefits:

  • Clarity of the image of details;
  • Natural saturation of colors;
  • The high-quality basis for an image;
  • The optimal size for a home prayer corner.

Anyone can purchase an iconographic creation that will be passed down from generation to generation in our online store. We present the item in its original form, which will allow you to bring strong family ties, happiness, love, loyalty to your home. The product is done with great care and precision. It will be a wonderful gift for both new families, and for those who have been married for many years. The icon painting will bring harmony to relationships and will not lose its appearance over the years, which will allow it to be passed on to descendants.