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Silver pendants

Classic – style silver pendants are austerity, the minimalism of lines and proportions, subtle decor, and elegant forms. Such jewelry is not subject to capricious fashion. A properly selected product always remains an elegant accessory, unobtrusively emphasizing the image of the wearer, but at the same time jewelry can be discreet. In the Orthodox online store, among the abundance of models presented, everyone will choose a suitable accessory for themselves.

Types of pendants

In the modern world, there are several types of models designed to be worn on the body:

Christians wore personal icons around their necks as a significant attribute. A religious person knew that a body icon would save him from misfortunes. Initially, the Byzantine masters sculpted miniature icons on the body from a simple material – stone and glass. Cast from gold and silver appeared in the X century, they were joined by precious stones. The faces of the patron saints are worn by people so that the defender is always there, and you could pray to him at any time, believing that he will protect you from adversity. Silver body icons with the image of the Saint are popular. Christians honor the Mother of God; she is their intercessor. The image of the Savior is not associated with any of the names, everyone can wear an icon with his image.
In our time, the cross on the body has become a symbol of faith. The first evidence of the wearing of these items dates back to the beginning of the IV century. Initially, it was not a piece of jewelry or a talisman, it had the meaning of a symbol of the Christian faith.

Folding can be worn on the body (designed to be worn around the neck), hanging, desktop. They have several flaps – 2-, 3-, 4 parts. They are called diptychs, triptychs, and polyptychs. On each inner side are icons of the Lord, the Mother of God, angels, Orthodox saints, or the words of prayer.

A kind of amulet and protection from damage is a silver ark or incense. Modern jewelry made of silver is similar to pendants consisting of two halves. In one, put a piece of Holy Earth, aromatic wood resin or a prayer. Sometimes the reverse depicts the face of Christ or the image of another Saint. People wear a silver incense on a chain, string or textile cord.

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