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Sterling Silver Plated With 24k Gold Heroic Cross


Orthodox Sterling Silver Heroic Cross
Orthodox Sterling Silver Heroic Cross
The Cross the Crucifixion of Christ. Michael the Archangel. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Our lady of Kazan
The Cross the Crucifixion of Christ. Michael the Archangel. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Our lady of Kazan

Product code: 101.888п
Average weight: 120 gram
Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold plating
Dimensions: 8х5,7х1,15 cm
Sculpture, Gilding, casting, blackening. Handmade.

EAN: 1390000260917
SKU: 101.888п
A massive and majestic heroic Orthodox cross. The cross is made of real 925 sterling silver plated with 24K gold.

Front side

The front space of the sacred decoration is filled with icons of the Mother of God, Elijah the Prophet, Jesus Christ and other saints. In the center is an image of the Crucifixion of Christ with the saints standing next to him. On the left side are the images:
  1. The Mother of God;
  2. Maria Kleopova;
  3. Mary Magdalene.
On the right side of the cross is the great Apostle John the Theologian, grieving over what happened. And next to him are the followers of Christ: the righteous Joseph of Arimarea and Nicodemus, who gave the coffin and myrrh with aloes for the burial, for the anointing of the body. Above the Crucifixion is an image of the icon of the Holy Trinity and a prayer: "Most Holy Trinity, have mercy on us; O Lord, cleanse our sins; O Master, forgive our iniquities; O Holy One, visit and heal our infirmities for Your name's sake." On the base of the cross, like a rock, stands the great Russian hero Ilya Muromets, who won a difficult battle of the filthy dragon. The dragon is locked up on all sides by the ancient prophecy: "God is with us, understand the language and be merciful." Together with the Muromets, the patron saint of the heavenly host is depicted – George the Victorious on the right, and the left, the great Russian Prince – Saint Alexander Nevsky. On the crossbar of the cross is the prayer "Our Father". Also, there is the icon of the Prophet Elijah, who spoke to the Lord God himself. On the opposite side is an icon of St. Andrew Bogolyubsky, who is known for his heroic exploits, and the prayer "May God rise again".

Reverse side

On the reverse side are written the words of the "Creed" – the sacred confession of faith for each Christian, which he must know. In the center there is the image of the most powerful and great angel – Archangel Michael, and above it the highest angelic rank - the fiery Seraphim. Above all the angels is the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos – the "Unbreakable Wall". On the left side of Michael is the icon of the Guardian Angel, which is given by God to every person at baptism. The Guardian Angel must protect and take care of the person given to him by God. On the crossbar of the cross, at its right end, the great dragon fighter is depicted – Fyodor Tyron. An ancient legend is written about him, which tells the story of Fyodor, who at the age of twelve saved his mother from the twelve-headed dragon. On the lower part of the cross are the first Russian saints, the passion-bearers Boris and Gleb. In the XI century they were glorified by the Church.
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