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Gold-plated Angel Pendant


IN GILT The Cross-Crucifix. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
IN GILT The Cross-Crucifix. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
Orthodox Icon Deisis
Icon Deisis

Product code: 102.632П
Production: Small plastic, Sculpture, Casting, Gilding, Blackening, Handmade
Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold plating, Cubic zirconia
Dimensions: 2.9×1.05×0.9 sm
Average weight: 2.50 gram

EAN: 1390000259768
SKU: 102.632П
Miniature pendants with the image of a small Angel became popular in Russia in the XVIII century. It symbolizes the image of a Guardian-Angel who looks after a person. Such little Angels were depicted on the icons of the Nativity next to Jesus Christus, and in addition, their images could often be seen in houses of worship.

Proximity to God

A pendant with a Guardian-Angel was especially relevant for children, symbolizing at the same time proximity to God, purity — for this reason, they were most often given pendants with a similar image. These pendants depicted an Angel holding the Cross of Christ in his hand. Above the main character, you can see the Christmas Star – it was decorated with a stone. Each person has his own Guardian, who has two tasks:
  • saving his soul;
  • protect him from the dark forces.
Today, people still give each other such pendants, and mostly to children and representatives of the fair sex.

Sincere faith

Wearing a pendant has a sacred meaning: the decoration becomes an amulet, protecting its owner from the influence of dark forces. The main condition is that you must sincerely believe in it. Skeptics talk about the placebo effect — which, however, does not refute the statement that it is necessary to believe that there are higher forces protecting the person wearing the pendant. Sincerely believing in the protection of higher powers, it is easier to ask for help in time, or to thank your Guardian for good deeds. Therefore, the image with the Defender should be as close to the person as possible, because it is believed that at the moment when a person asks for support, the Guardian's hands are freed to provide it. The greatest joy for them is just the provision of assistance, so do not hesitate to seek support when it is really necessary, and communicate with your Defender. You can do this both with the help of a pendant, and using an icon with the image of a Guardian-Angel. It shall be understood that help will not come immediately — this requires time, otherwise such protection would quickly devalue. This is a very powerful force, no matter what the skeptics say. Remember that in order to be in harmony with yourself, you need to learn not only to ask for support but also to thank for it. And if at the same time the suspension is fabulously beautiful — it will additionally lift the mood.
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