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Icon The Archangel Michael


The crucifixion. Guardian Angel. Kazan Icon of the Mother of God
The crucifixion. Guardian Angel. Kazan Icon of the Mother of God
Cross The Trinity. The Virgin Mary Orant (the Icon of the Mother of God the Sign)
Cross The Trinity. The Virgin Mary Orant (the Icon of the Mother of God the Sign)

Product code: 102.201
Average weight: 12 gram
Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold plating
Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.3 sm
Production: Miniature relief, casting,, blackening. Handmade.

EAN: 1390000260238
SKU: 102.201
The icon is made in the form of an equilateral cross. It depicts the Archangel Michael, who rides on a horse and blows a horn. This image was created by a Russian icon painter. The archangel is depicted as a military commander who summons his heavenly army to fight evil forces. The icon of the Archangel Michael in the church books The scripture, which tells about angels carrying various missions to people, also mentions Michael, who takes a special part in the life of the Church and the fate of people. Translated from the Hebrew language, his name means "Who is like God?" The icon on which the Archangel is located has the shape of a cross, which indicates his proximity to the Savior. But it is worth noting that this icon cannot replace the cross on the body, which is directly related to Jesus. The Savior is always present on the front side, but other saints should be nearby or on the back side. The Saint was repeatedly called "the leader of the Lord's army", and he is depicted as the most important fighter against the devil and lawlessness. We can conclude why he is called "archistratigus" (a leader and a warrior). John the Theologian, in his "Apocalypse" describes the Archangel Michael as the main fighter in the war against the dragon-devil and the dark angels. Fortunately, these evil spirits had no place in Heaven, so they were cast down together with Satan and the ancient serpent. This Saint is also mentioned in the "Old Testament" as the main defender of Israel. His icon appeared in front of Jesus, who helped in the conquest of the Promised land. Also, according to many Church fathers, he actually was the burning pillar that led the Israelites in flight and destroyed the entire army of Pharaoh. Michael is also credited with the defeat of the Assyrian army. While Babylon was falling, the Archangel Michael appeared in front of the prophet Daniel and predicted that at the right moment he would stand up for all Christians, that is, the people of God. Archangel Michael is very revered in all Christian churches, as he fights against heresies and all evil, but this is not all that he is famous for. An important fact is that he acts as a fighter for human souls. That is why he is the one to whom believers pray:
  • about the deceased;
  • about those who are in a rather difficult life situation;
  • about those who go to war.
On the reverse side of the icon the following words are written: "Cover me with the roof of your wings, The Archangel Michael". A holiday which is dedicated to him, is celebrated on November 21.
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