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Icon The Guardian Angel


The Bracelet Faith, Hope and Love
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The Bracelet Faith, Hope and Love
The crucifixion. Saint George
The crucifixion. Saint George

Product code: 102.056
Average weight: 3.5 gram
Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold plating
Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.3 x 0.2 sm
Production: Miniature relief, casting,, blackening. Handmade.

EAN: 1390000260351
SKU: 102.056
On the front side there is an ornament symbolizing a heart filled with love for God. And in the center is a Guardian Angel holding a cross in his right hand as a sign of following Christ. In his left hand is a sword that protects the soul of a person from the attack of demons. In the Holy Scriptures, angels are the highest intelligent beings who glorify the Lord and do His will. In translation, "angel" means "messenger". God's faithful servants proclaim His commands. Angels, like men, are peculiar to the creatures of the Lord. Usually, they are depicted in human form, and they are distinguished only by the presence of large wings. The wings are a symbol of the speed of the fulfillment of God's commands, and the toroki (rumors) – the ribbons around the ears – demonstrate that the messengers of God are constantly listening to their creator. All executors of the will of God are subject to a strict hierarchy. They are divided into faces, which make up the following ranks. This is what the Heavenly Hierarchy looks like:
  1. seraphim, cherubim, and thrones;
  2. dominion, power, and power;
  3. beginnings, archangels, and angels.
The Archangel Michael, approved by God, dominates over all, he is the official leader and leader. Guardian Angels are lower in status than others and are closest to the human world. On the day of Baptism, the believer receives his Guardian Angel and will be accompanied by him all his life. Guardians protect a person and contribute to the salvation of the soul and its transition to eternal life. They pray to God for their ward and instruct him in piety, and when a person dies, an angel takes his soul to Eternity. Guardian angels not only protect, instruct, and intercede for a man before God by virtue of their obligations, but also take a lively and active part in the human destiny of their own free will, being pure and holy beings. Despite the fact that angels are personal beings, a person cannot know the name of his Guardian Angel. In this regard, there is no special service for Guardian Angels in the Orthodox Church, but believers are obliged to honor and thank their Guardian during home prayers, remember their spiritual mentor and turn to him for help.

The bloomed cross

The bloomed cross is the symbol of the Tree of Life, it is located on the reverse side of the icon. The use of this image dates back to the Byzantine art of the IV century as a symbol of the blessed Eternal Life granted by the Lord. This is a sign of the victory of Jesus Christ over death and the confirmation of the Savior's authority in the earthly world.
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