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Icon Transfiguration. Holy Sergius of Radonezh, Alexander of Svir, Xenia of Petersburg, Matrona of Moscow


Icon «Cross Bearing Guardian Angel»
Icon «Cross Bearing Guardian Angel»
The Cross Holy Mandylion of Edessa. The Kazan icon of the Mother of God
The Cross Holy Mandylion of Edessa. The Kazan icon of the Mother of God

Product code: 102.053
Average weight: 10 gram
Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold plating
Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.3 sm
Production: Small plastic, Scultupre, Gilding, casting,, blackening. Handmade.

EAN: 1390000261600
SKU: 102.053
The image with icons, which on the front side depict Alexander Svirsky and Sergius of Radonezh, and on the back-Xenia of St. Petersburg and Matrona of Moscow, is made in compliance with all Byzantine traditions. It is believed that such golden icons helped to pray on the way.

Holy picture description

The icon "Transfiguration" shows Jesus, who appeared before his three students. His face looks like the sun, and all his clothes look like snow. A conversation began between the travelers, but suddenly a large cloud descended on the mountain with the voice of God. All three fell to the ground. All of them are depicted lying on the ground, at the very feet of the Savior. August 19 marks the great feast of the Transfiguration and is considered one of the most important for Christ. On this day, all people consecrate the fruits of apple trees. The Church says that people can see with their own eyes the Divine Grace. It is given to a person for the absence of sins and a purely lived life on earth. Those who have experienced this Grace can see the future, heal themselves and others from various diseases, etc. On the back of the image you can see Sergius of Radonezh. The saint always did the most difficult work to make the lives of others easier. The monks had only to say that it was difficult for them to carry water up the mountain, and he created a spring. And many other miracles he performed. The sick was also brought to him for healing. He even managed to resurrect the deceased. On the right is Alexander Svirsky. In 1533, he settled in the forest on the shore of the lake, which was later called "Holy". Three Men came up to him, dressed all in white, shining like the sun. They ordered the monk to build a monastery in the name of the Life-giving Trinity. After a while, he saw the Mother of God together with her Son, who were surrounded by many angels. The relics are currently located in the Alexander-Svirsky Monastery. The holiday in his honor is celebrated on September 12. At the very top is Xenia of Saint Petersburg. The saint lived with her husband for many years, but one day, when the man was not in a sober state, her husband died. Ksenia put on his uniform, and from that moment she was called by his name, justifying this by the fact that she died with him. For 45 years, she continued to wander the streets. For this patience, Jesus gave her extraordinary abilities. She could:
  • foresee the future of any person;
  • provide assistance in the organization of life.
February 6 is the feast of Xenia of St. Petersburg.
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