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In gilt The Crucifixion. The Prayer Lord shall Rise


Icon St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
Icon St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
Silver with gilding Cross-Crucifix. The Mother of God Icon Seven Arrows
Silver with gilding Cross-Crucifix. The Mother of God Icon Seven Arrows

Product code: 101.529п
Average weight: 8.6 gram
Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold plating
Dimensions: 3,9х2,2х0,15 sm
Production: Small plastic, sculpture, casting, gilding, blackening. handmade.

EAN: 1390000259997
SKU: 101.529п
The body cross’ unusual shape was invented because of the copper-cast Russian crosses of the XVIII century. Such crosses often depicted a Crucifixion, and above Jesus himself there were two Angels and the image of the Savior. The Savior was considered as the strongest of the defenders, because he was venerated and perceived not as an ordinary person, but as the face of God.

The Image of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

The front side of the cross depicts the Crucifixion of Christ in detail. The image expresses the incredible accuracy of the events that were described in the Bible. Behind the Savior, you can see the wall of Jerusalem, as he was crucified on Mount Calvary. There were two villains at the execution with Christ:
  • Dismas;
  • Gestas
The first-slandered Christ, and the second-repented, with what he earned the Lord's forgiveness, mercy and the way to Paradise. It is believed Adam, the first sinner to be cast out of Paradise, was buried on the same mountain. Thus, under the feet of Jesus, Adam's skull is always depicted, as a symbol of redemption and his sin. The foot of the cross is a symbol of the scales on which all human actions will be evaluated in the hour of Death Judgment, and the Lord God will adjudge sinners for their actions. Above the head of Jesus Christ is a tablet of INKJ, meaning "Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews". On the sides of the Son of the Lord are written the names of Christ: IC XC, "Son of God" and "King of Glory", as well as the images of the sun and moon, which are considered symbols of the whole world from its beginning to the end.

The prayer Lord shall Rise

On the back side of the cross a strong prayer to the Almighty is written. It is read when the Lord's help is needed in the fight against the unclean and temptation. This prayer is also known by another name-the prayer to the True Cross. There are many rumors and legends about the power of this prayer, but it is primarily intended to fight evil. With evil in any form. This can be the evil of the inner world-jealousy, envy, laziness, greed, anger, pride, cruelty. So for the fight against evil demonic forces it is used as a protective spell and a petition to the Lord to protect them from devilry and misfortunes. Many used this prayer as a petition to the Lord for their relatives, who stopped believing and drove the Lord out of their hearts. People asked for protection that the Lord would return them to the right path. A brief description of it: "Protect me, O Lord, by the power of Your Honest and True Spirit Cross, and keep me from all evil.".
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