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Necklace The Holy Great Martyr George the Victory-Bearer. The Holy Prince St. Alexander Nevsky. Saint Michael the Archangel


Encolpion Triptych The Saviour Not Made by Hands
Encolpion Triptych The Saviour Not Made by Hands
The Cross The Crucifixion. Guardian Angel
The Cross The Crucifixion. Guardian Angel

Product code: 102.236K
Production: Small plastic, Sculpture, Casting, Gilding, Blackening, Handmade
Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold plating, Diamonds
Dimensions: 3.9×2.1×0.4 cm
Average weight: 12.00 gram

EAN: 1390000259461
SKU: 102.236K
Christians, who lived in Rus', considered that the main feat for God and people was defending the native land from enemies. Not without reason a lot of Russian saints are the warriors, who died on the battlefield or were made by the cruel rulers for the defiance or the freethinking. That is why you can see the images of warriors, who died bravely, on Russian shrines.

History of life and death of George the Victory-Bearer

George, named the Victory-Bearer afterwards, was born in a family of Christian believers. He held a high position in the army of Emperor Diocletian. Diocletian was one of the cruelest tyrants in the history of mankind. They started to destroy the Christians because of his order. George, who was not afraid of the anger of the cruel Emperor, went to his palace and protected people, connected with him by a belief. In spite of captivity and horrors George survived, he stayed unwavering. He was made, but later the great martyr became one of the most cherished saints in Rus' after the Epiphany. George the Victory-Bearer was the most significant patron saints of Russian Princes. He has become a symbol of bravery and self-sacrifice.

How does a necklace look like?

There are images of two warriors on the icon:
  • George the Victory-Bearer;
  • Alexander Nevsky.
These great martyrs, unstoppable fighters with the dark sides of the world, are pictured on the side, which is facing the surrounding people. Legend says, the icon takes away ailments, sorrows and helps to resist the insidious enemy plans. The sacred phrase «God is with us» is captured under the images of great martyrs. A sword separates the icon into two parts. These words are imprinted near its inlaid handle. Symbolically, the necklace has the shape of the shield. The sword and the shield have been a symbol of fighting with the Unclean and his temptations. The prayer and the sayings of God are often called a spiritual sword. The Apostle Paul has also spoken about it. On the backside there is Saint Michael the Archangel, who is a fearsome chief commander of the Heavenly Host. He has rebelled against the Evil One and overthrew him. Even now Michael continues fighting with Lucifer and his servants.

Alexander Nevsky – the great commander

Russian Prince Alexander Nevsky has saved the Holy Rus’ from the enemy’s invasion. Russian Land was almost occupied by the enemy in the thirteenth century. Alexander was not only a talented commander but a real diplomat too. His gift has helped Rus’ to preserve its independence and belief.
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