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Pendant Icon The Guardian Angel. The Prayer Icon The Guardian Angel. The Prayer


Orthodox Icon Deisis
Icon Deisis
Icon pendant of the Megalomartyr Saint George the Victory-bearer
Icon pendant of the Megalomartyr Saint George the Victory-bearer

Product code: 102.097
Average weight: 9 gram
Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold plating
Dimensions: 2.9 x 2.1 x 0.2 cm
Production: Miniature relief, casting, blackening. Handmade.

EAN: 1390000259690
SKU: 102.097
The pendant with an image of a Guardian Angel with a cross in one hand and a sword in the other. The cross is a symbol of following the Christian commandments, and the sword reflects the main purpose of the angel-the fight against demons for the human soul. The prayer words addressed to the Angel are arranged in a circle and said: “Strengthen me in the good, my guardian, and guide me wonderfully to the silence of the animals”. That’s how the Guardian Angel is asked for help to strengthen his good intentions and the desire for a perfect life. On the back of the icon is placed the symbol of harmony of the four-part world united by Christianity — the "Greek cross". In Western European countries, such a cross was an object of veneration during the Middle Ages, when the Gothic style was dominant in architecture and everyday life. The temples were decorated with carved decor and stained glass windows with symbolic ornaments in the form of a four-leaf clover. One of the sheets meant good luck, and the other three - hope, faith and love.

Who are angels? And why do we pray to them?

Angels are the servants of the Lord and messengers for the proclamation of divine commands. Traditionally, the image of an angel is an image with powerful wings in the guise of a person. The number of angels is very large and they are all subordinate to the Heavenly hierarchy. There are nine angelic orders, depending on the degree of proximity of the higher beings to His throne and people. The closest rank to humanity is the guardian angels who accompany the Christian throughout his earthly life:
  • When a person receives the sacrament of baptism, he immediately has an invisible helper and protector. The ministry of the Guardian Angel is primarily concerned with the salvation of the ward's soul, instruction in piety and faith, and offering prayers for him.
  • The names of the Guardian Angels are unknown to people and there is no special church service for them. The Church teaches us to address them in private prayers for protection and patronage, as well as to thank and honor them as spiritual mentors.
  • An angel is a holy creature capable of loving and doing good. He actively participates in the life of a person: invisibly instructs on useful things, protects from visible and invisible enemies, raises the words of the person praying to God and asks for him before the Lord.
There is a holiday in the Orthodox church calendar — "The Cathedral of the Archangel Michael and other heavenly powers of the disembodied". The date – November 8 (21) - is set for a celebration in honor of all the angels, so that the faithful can express their gratitude to them.
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