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Pendant. The Holy Angel. The Prayer


Sterling Silver Pendant My Angel
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Pendant. My angel
The crucifixion. Blessed Matrona and Xenia. The Icon of the Mother of God “Nursing the Child”
The crucifixion. Blessed Matrona and Xenia. The Icon of the Mother of God “Nursing the Child”

Product code: 102.522
Average weight: 1.25 gram
Materials: Sterling silver
Dimensions: 2.3х0.9х0.15 sm
Production: Small plastic, Sculpture, Casting, Blackening, Handmade

EAN: 1390000260429
SKU: 102.522
The pendant with the image of the Holy Guardian Angel is a reminder about a person who needs to thank for the help and support of his sent from the above guardian.

Interpretation of angels in the Holy Scriptures

As the Holy Scriptures tell, angels are beings with higher intelligence. Their task is the glorification of God and the unquestioning fulfillment of His will. God created them in the same way as humans, but they have a different nature. They are depicted on the slopes and, unlike humans, have huge wings on their backs. These magnificent wings symbolize the speed with which they carry out God's commands. In addition to the wings of the holy creatures, there is another distinctive feature – these are ribbons that are located at the very ears. They are called toroks or rumours, and they are a sign that the angels always hear the voice of God.

The significance of the Guardian Angel in a person's life

It is well known that there are a lot of angels. In the Heavenly Hierarchy, they occupy the closest place to people, as they are their most loyal defenders. After the rite of Baptism, each person is given a Guardian Angel by God, who will always be there and help in difficult times. They have several ministries:
  • The most important thing is to protect a person from worldly problems that are difficult for him to cope with.
  • The second, no less important task of an angel is to help a person in saving his soul for eternal life.
That is why they are spiritual mentors of believers, inspire them with piety and faith, and also pray for them to God. After the death of a person, the Guardian Angel conducts the soul of the deceased to Eternity.

Who are the Guardian Angels?

Each angel is a separate person, just like a human being. However, we do not know the name of each of them. We don't even know the name of our own Guardian Angel. Due to the lack of information about the names of the angels, the Orthodox Church does not have a special service for them in general. But the church provides for an appeal to the Guardian Angel in the daily prayer at home. In the appeals, you should thank him for his participation and protection, and you can also ask him for protection in desperate situations as the closest spiritual mentor. On the reverse side of the pendant is engraved a prayer dedicated to the Holy Guardian Angel:  “Holy Angel of Christ, keep me”.
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