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Pray Save and protect and Our Father Bracelet


Crucifixion of Christ. Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Orthodox cross
Crucifixion of Christ. Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Orthodox cross
Large silver cross jewelry – crucifix
Large silver cross jewelry crucifix

Product code: 105.359
Average weight: 19.1 gram
Materials: Sterling silver
Size : 20
Production: Miniature relief, Casting, Blackening, Handmade

EAN: 1390000260597
SKU: 105.359
According to the teachings of self-knowledge, a properly selected hand-charm bracelet will attract prosperity, also will protect its owner from negative effects, and miraculously affect the man’s fate. Previously, such talismans were made by women who did it in complete silence and solitude.

How the product is decorated

The church security bracelet is made of silver. Silver items are the most powerful amulets against evil spirits. They are capable of:
  • restore peace of mind;
  • give life energy.
However, the metal blackening indicates that some problems in your body have appeared. Two prayers are engraved on the surface of the bracelet in the Church Slavonic language. They are especially respected by believers. Outside there are these words: “Lord, save and preserve.”. The appeal to the Most High is given in full, and not in an abbreviated form. There is no titration here too. From the point of view of Orthodoxy, if the meaning is not distorted, such a spelling is permissible. The wavy or zigzag line that serves to shorten words is currently preserved only in Church Slavonic. “God” was written on top of the name, without this sign, such an inscription can be read as the worship of an object that replaces the true God. The full text of the prayer words is written on the inside of the silver bracelet. They were spoken by Jesus himself in his Sermon on the Mount. The Son of the Lord was on the mountainside preaching to his disciples and the people gathered around. The prayer begins with an address that translates into modern Russian as “Our Father, who is in heaven.” In the second part, the speaker prays for the gift of a pious life. Next, they ask:
  • The Lord reigned in the heart with mercy and love;
  • God's will to be everywhere;
  • do not allow a cunning and evil spirit to enter the soul – “deliver us from evil”, that is, from the power of Satan, from your own sinful desires.
A person is mentally connected with God daily and nightly by faith, gratitude, and humility, if he wears such a bracelet with prayer. The Orthodox amulet is attached to the wrist with an anchor clasp. The preacher Paul, in his Epistle to the people, explained that an anchor is a hope for the soul. It is a symbol of stability, reliability, and the ability to withstand everyday storms and trials. Orthodox Christians personify this object with the image of the Cross of Christ, which allows a person not to succumb to the temptations that throw him from side to side.
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