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Sterling silver Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker pendant.


The crucifixion. Blessed Matrona and Xenia. The Icon of the Mother of God “Nursing the Child”
The crucifixion. Blessed Matrona and Xenia. The Icon of the Mother of God “Nursing the Child”
Silver angel pendant
Silver angel pendant

Product code: 102.900
Production: Small plastic, Sculpture,, Casting, Gilding, Blackening, Handmade
Materials: Sterling silver
Dimensions: 2,0х1,5х0,2 sm
Average weight: 1.50 gram

EAN: 1390000259850
SKU: 102.900
The miniature image made of silver, representing St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, was made on the Eve of a special event in the Christian world: it was the arrival of the relics of the saint in St. Petersburg, which happened in July 2017. The icon was created together with the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, and the creation of the miniature figure was blessed by the vicar of the Lavra, Bishop Nazary of Kronstadt.

Childhood and youth of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Nicholas the Wonderworker was born in the third century in the region of Lycia, in the city of Patara, in Asia Minor (now the territory of Turkey). From the very birth, he was given a special gift from God, as there is a lot of evidence from the stories of that time. One of them says that during the baptism, he stood in the font for three hours, during which no one supported him. The boy did not like to entertain, he preferred to spend time in prayer and reading the Holy Scriptures, he studied well. When he reached maturity, the locals chose him as their presbyter, realizing that he was gifted with special wisdom. Further he becomes a bishop in the capital of Lycia – the city of Peace.

Legends about Nicholas the Wonderworker

There are still legends about the saint, and there is much talk about the miracles and righteous deeds he performed. For him, it did not matter whether a person was a Christian or a pagan — all the suffering could count on help from Nicholas the Wonderworker. Today, his name is associated with healing, travel — he is the patron of people engaged in this activity. Since he has never refused to help the suffering, he also protects the persecuted and the wronged. Merchants often turn to him for help, and since he was an excellent student and was endowed with wisdom — he will not refuse support if help is needed in training. It is to Nicholas the Wonderworker that people turn, praying for the enlightenment of the rulers.

Memorable dates

The memory of the saint can be honored twice a year:
  • December 19 (6);
  • May 22 (9).
These dates take us back to the events of 1087, when the relics of one of the most important saints in the Christian world were transferred to Bari, the capital of the Italian region of Apulia. By the way, they are still kept there, and many believers make pilgrimages to touch the shrine. The image is sanctified on the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, which were transferred from Bari to the Russian Orthodox Church. The event was held in the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra on July 13-28, 2017.
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