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The Bracelet Faith, Hope and Love


Icon Archangel Michael slaying a dragon
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Icon Archangel Michael slaying a dragon
Cross The crucifixion. Prayer May God rise again
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Cross The crucifixion. Prayer May God rise again

Product code: 115.401
Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold plating, Enamel
Size: 19 sm
Production: Miniature relief, Hot cloisonne enamel, Gilding, casting,, blackening. Handmade.

EAN: 1390000260658
SKU: 115.401
Faith, hope, and love represent the Holy Trinity. The triad, linked together, is still used by many denominations that preach the teachings of Christ. The symbols are more than 2000 years old, such as the teaching of Christ is. These images were embodied in a bracelet in the form of a cross, an anchor and a heart. In Russia, these signs of dignity are found only in architectural buildings that were built by architects who were invited from Europe. For example, this drawing may be seen on the fences of the Peter and Paul Fortress. In the decorative and applied arts, a wrist bracelet with images of a cross, a heart and an anchor was recognized as a fashion accessory in the Enlightenment era, in the XVIII century. It was worn by young people, and used as a decoration by married ladies and respected gentlemen. A beautiful object is an exquisite symbol of Christian perfection.

Where did the belief come from

Among the ancient Slavs, the last day of September was considered a holiday. It was called the all-world women's Nameday. On this day, all representatives of the fair sex were solemnly congratulated. The women were not also allowed to bother about the house, but they were supposed to cry for themselves. Everyone was crying – both those who were truly sad about something, and those to whom fate was favorable. Over the years, the Old Slavic tradition became associated with the Christian veneration of Faith, Hope, Love, the three sisters, and their mother Sofia.

What does the symbols mean?

The intertwined artistic images had a sacred meaning:
  1. The Cross of Calvary is the oldest symbol of Faith, it is traditionally depicted in a triad, indicating the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, salvation and eternal life with God.
  2. The anchor represents Hope. Even the ancient Romans personified him with a joyful arrival in his native side after a long absence. Once upon a time, sacrifices were often made to the sacred amulet, because it was believed that this object was the only salvation of seafarers. The image of the anchor was one of the first to spread in Christianity. In the Holy Scriptures, hope for the soul is compared to this object, because it is safe and strong.
  3. The heart means Love for God. It appeared in the triad at the end of the 17th century. During this period, the rite of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" was cultivated. However, the Russian Orthodox Church rejected and condemned such worship.
The allegorical interweaving of the cross, anchor, and heart was not widely used in Russian Orthodoxy due to the cult of the Sacred Heart, which was adopted in Catholicism.
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