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About Us

Photography of baptism, holy matrimony, and other significant events. Still life photography of Christian pieces. Andcross Orthodox Art Photo Studio

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

Order photoshoots of baptism, holy matrimony, or other significant events in your life. Still life photography. Professionally, inexpensively, creatively – Andcross Orthodox Art Photo Studio.

Andcross Orthodox Art Photo Studio

Photography has long become an inseparable part of our lives. No matter what kind of event is happening in our life, we always have a camera to capture it. Quite often, it turns that there’s not always enough time for a good and quality shooting, and looking through photo albums later, we regret that we didn’t invite a photographer.

Andcross Photo Studio offers you the services of professional photographers. We accept orders for photoshoots of holy matrimony, baptisms, and still life photography of Orthodox pieces.

The world of photography is diverse and many-sided. Nowadays, one of the most demanded types of photography is still life. Sometimes a photo of an object, which is made by a skilled specialist, cannot be distinguished from the work of graphic designers. In order to make beautiful photos, it is not enough to choose the background or the right angle. Artistic taste, professional skills and the right equipment are required as well. Then you can be sure that the image will be perfect.

Our studio provides still life photography services based on the quality/price ratio and we will select the most favorable plan for you.

Here’s how the process of work is being organized
Every project requires an individual approach, so it will be implemented in several steps:

The first step is the creation of a photography brief, where all your desires are reflected.
The terms and costs of the project are discussed.
We choose a suitable place, angles and background for future work.
On a planned day, our team begins shooting using professional equipment.
Then the props are prepared and everything is laid out in accordance with the composition.
We take pictures and send them for approval.
After the final editing of the photos, you receive the results of the work.

When thoroughly thinking about all the details of the upcoming work, you will get high-quality photos. Leave a request or visit our office, and the assistants will calculate the cost of the service.
Among other things, we want to note that photoshoots of baptism, holy matrimony, and other significant events, as well as still life photography, will be at quite an affordable cost.

Photography of baptism and holy matrimony

The church is a special place where the sacrament of matrimony and the baptism of a person is performed. And making photos inside the church is often difficult due to the lack of space.

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