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Old Slavonic Orthodox Psalms: Monastic Leather Edition


Limited Edition Holy Gospel by Monastery Nuns
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The Holy Gospel, Orthodox Book Russian Language, Made in Monastery By Nuns, Blessed. B431
Limited Edition Leather Holy Gospel in Old Slavonic
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The Holy Gospel, Church Language, Book Blessed Made in Orthodox Monastery, natural leather, paper box, NEW. B429
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Product code: B430
There are 508 pages.
Sizes are : 5.60″ x 3.65″ and 1.1″ thick.
141mm X 93mm X 29mm

EAN: 1390000306219
SKU: B430
Embarking on an exploration of the Old Slavonic Psalms Book, one discovers a spiritual artifact that is both a testament to Orthodox Christian tradition and a bridge to the divine. This Limited Edition Religious Book, meticulously crafted by nuns in an Orthodox monastery, represents a sacred connection between the faithful and their ancient liturgical heritage, offering a profound experience of prayer and meditation in the Old Slavonic language. The Historical Significance of the Psalms in Old Slavonic The Psalms have been a central part of Christian liturgy and personal devotion for centuries, embodying the spiritual yearnings, praises, and laments of humanity. The Old Slavonic Liturgical Psalms edition connects believers with this tradition in a language that is both ancient and sacred to many Eastern Orthodox Christians. Old Slavonic, the liturgical language of many Orthodox Churches in Slavic countries, serves as a venerable medium through which the faithful can engage with these timeless prayers and hymns, resonating with the voices of generations past. Monastic Excellence in Craftsmanship The creation of this Handmade Leather Psalter is a labor of love and devotion. In the quietude of monastic life, nuns devote themselves to the meticulous handcrafting of these sacred texts, imbuing each Orthodox Monastery Crafted Text with prayers and blessings. The choice of materials—hard, black natural leather for the cover and high-quality white paper for the pages—reflects a commitment to durability and reverence for the sacred words they encase. This Monastic Handcraft Sacred Texts edition is not merely a book but a spiritual heirloom, crafted to endure and inspire generations of believers. The Book’s Physical Attributes The physical dimensions and materials of this Old Slavonic Psalms Book are carefully chosen to honor the sanctity of the Psalms while ensuring practicality for daily use. Measuring 5.60 inches by 3.65 inches and 1.1 inches thick (141mm X 93mm X 29mm), it is both portable and substantial. The book’s cover, made of hard, black natural leather, is designed to withstand the rigors of regular reading and transport, protecting its 508 pages of precious content. Encased in a paper box for additional protection, this edition is a brand-new, unused treasure, ready to be discovered by the faithful. Shipping from Europe, it is available for delivery worldwide within 5 to 20 days, ensuring that this spiritual gem can reach believers across the globe. The Role of the Psalter in Orthodox Christianity The Psalter holds a unique place in Orthodox Christian spirituality, used not only in corporate worship but also in private devotion. The Orthodox Christian Prayer Book is a vital tool for personal reflection, spiritual growth, and communion with God. The Old Slavonic Psalms Book invites the faithful into a deep, meditative engagement with the words that have sustained Orthodox Christians through centuries of history, trials, and triumphs. It serves as a guide for prayer, a source of comfort in times of distress, and a means of connecting with the communal faith of the Orthodox tradition. The Importance of Language and Tradition The use of Old Slavonic in this Spiritual Orthodox Monastery Edition is significant, offering a linguistic and cultural bridge to the ancient roots of the Orthodox faith. For believers fluent in or connected to the Old Slavonic language, this edition is not just a religious text but a cultural artifact, preserving and perpetuating the liturgical language that has been a cornerstone of Slavic Orthodox Christianity. It stands as a Religious Gift Old Slavonic Tradition, enriching the spiritual lives of those who receive it by connecting them more deeply to their heritage and the universal Orthodox Christian faith. The Old Slavonic Psalms Book is more than a religious publication; it is a vessel of faith, tradition, and divine encounter. Crafted with devotion by monastic hands, this Limited Edition Religious Book is a sacred portal to the heart of Orthodox spirituality. Its durable Natural Leather Orthodox Bible cover, meaningful content, and spiritual lineage make it an invaluable Religious Gift Old Slavonic Tradition for the faithful and seekers alike. Through its pages, the ancient prayers and hymns of the Psalter come alive, inviting readers into a profound experience of God's presence. As a European Handmade Psalms Book with Worldwide Shipping Orthodox Texts, it reaches across borders and cultures, bringing the rich tradition of Orthodox Christianity and the spiritual depth of the Psalms to a global audience. In this sacred text, the past and present converge, offering a timeless guide for the spiritual journey and a bridge to the divine mystery that lies at the heart of faith.
1 review for Old Slavonic Orthodox Psalms: Monastic Leather Edition
2023-06-22 16:29:01
I was very pleased to find this version in Old Church Slavonic language ! This book is a true relic for every Christian -- I love old books and there are so many I wanted to read but thought I could never. Thanks to Andcross, my dream came true ! God Bless you all !
5 out of 5



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