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The great life-giving power of art lies in its ability to unite people, speaking to them in a language of symbols that is equally understandable to speakers of different languages and residents of different continents. The more perfect the shape of the object created by the master’s skillful hands, the more ardent the response it awakens in the minds and souls. And the more important is the correspondence of the spiritual content of the work to its external appearance.

The International Orthodox Corporation `Andcross` unites Orthodox groups of ecclesiastical Art’s masters and pilgrimage centres of Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Israel, Georgia, Russia. It also does missionary work promoting and popularising Orthodox Art.

Concentrating on embodiment of Christian teaching we are trying to carry the ideas of Orthodox Christianity into the world to call people to turn their souls to kindness, light and love. is an online shop of Orthodox Art Corporation `Andcross`. It is located in Tallinn (Estonia) and it has been working since 1999. During all this period we are attentively monitoring interesting novelties of Christian goods coming to the market. We contact with talented craftsmen and large companies that produce religious goods of Art.

Our aim is to make works of the best Orthodox craftsmen accessible to the people in every part of the world.

Our mission is to share the spirit of Orthodox culture, make it understandable to everyone, create the possibilities for the interest towards Russian Orthodox church and provide Orthodox Art in all its beauty to people.

We are always ready to help you to orientate yourself in the catalogue on our site and choose an object that would be perfect in size, form, content and material. Our personnel will answer your questions, dispel your doubts, find the right combination of good’s kits.

The Pilgrimage Center in Tallinn is also one of the most important areas of our activity. The great ancient holy places of monasteries and churches give pilgrims God`s blessing. Participation in church services and contact with the history of Orthodox Christianity spiritually enrich participants of trips and contribute to deep ecclesiastication. In such trips pilgrims communicate with clergy, receive answers to many important questions and strengthen their spiritual belief.

Nowadays there is an Art workshop in `Andcross` Center. We produce church utensils, icons, kiota, foldings.

Our masters, who make objects given in the catalogue, are very talented and hardworking. Their life is devoted to the work they do. It might be fully called ministry. They work and pray relentlessly.

The orders for unique Orthodox objects are taken into consideration to all wish nuances and for fulfilment of the orders we choose the right craftsman, whose technical capabilities and creative priorities are the best match to the image of a future item.

For bulk purchasers we are ready to offer special modalities for cooperation.

For further discussion and also any questions, please, contact us any suitable way
E-mail –

We invite company representatives and private masters, who produce and realise Orthodox Art goods, to cooperate with us.

Buyers receive discounts according to the geographical area of their location.
15% – Estonia
10% – Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Italy,Spain,Germany, Great Britain, France, Hungary, Holland
5% – United States of America, Australia, Canada, Liechtenstein, Israel, Japan, Georgia, India
Discount – 10% on the second product in the order