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Tree of Life Silver Icon Set – Handmade & Gift Box


St. John Baptist Icon Set | Silver 999 | Gift Box
98.00 85.26 (13%)
St John The Baptist, 2 Small Icons Set, Christian Icon Silver Plated 999 Handmade, Gift box. B408
Tree of Life Silver Icon – 999, Handmade with Case
80.00 69.60 (13%)
Tree Of Life Christian Orthodox Icon Silver Plated 999 Handmade Gift case. B406
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Product Code: B407.
The sizes are about : ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm
Handmade. Gift case.

EAN: 1390000305038
SKU: B407
The Enigmatic Beauty of the Tree of Life Icon Set: A Testament to Orthodox Christianity's Sacred Art In the heart of Orthodox Christian tradition lies the profound veneration of icons, not merely as religious artifacts but as windows to the divine, embodying deep spiritual truths and divine presence. Among these sacred images, the Tree of Life Icon set emerges as a masterpiece, encapsulating the essence of spiritual journey and eternal life promised in Christian faith. This set, adorned with 999 Silver Icons and crafted with unmatched dedication, represents a unique blend of religious significance and artistic excellence. Historical Resonance and Symbolism The Tree of Life, a symbol interwoven with the fabric of many world religions and mythologies, holds a particular place in Christian iconography. It represents not only the interconnectedness of all life but also, more profoundly, the eternal life in God's presence. This icon set, featuring the Tree of Life alongside the revered Vladimir Icon and Jesus Christ Icon, bridges millennia-old symbols with the narratives at the heart of Christian faith. The inclusion of the Mother of God Vladimir and Lord Jesus Christ icons in the set deepens its religious significance, linking the promise of the Tree of Life to the incarnational reality of Christ and the protective, intercessory role of the Theotokos. These images, steeped in the history of Byzantine art as Byzantine Image replicas, continue to inspire devotion and awe, serving as tangible links to the divine mystery. Unparalleled Craftsmanship Each Handmade Icon in this set is a labor of love and a testament to the artisan's skill and devotion. Crafted from MDF wood, these icons are durable and beautifully textured, providing an ideal surface for the application of pure 999% silver, achieved through the sophisticated PVD Silver Plated technique. This method ensures that the icons retain their luster and sanctity for generations, a feature that underscores their status as EU Made Icon, adhering to the stringent quality standards of European craftsmanship. Technical Specifications: A Harmony of Form and Spirit The main icon's dimensions (5.12 X 7.1 or 13cm X 18cm) and the smaller icons (2.00 X 2.50 or 64mm x 50mm) are carefully chosen to ensure that these sacred images can grace spaces of worship and private devotion alike. The choice of MDF as the base material speaks to a blend of tradition and modernity, ensuring durability while maintaining the ethereal beauty characteristic of MDF Wood Icon craftsmanship. The inclusion of a Gift Box Icon packaging enhances the set's appeal as a cherished gift for religious occasions, embodying the spirit of giving and shared faith. The Artistic Journey: From Concept to Creation The creation of the Tree of Life Icon set is an artistic journey that marries ancient techniques with contemporary craftsmanship. Drawing on the rich palette and symbolic language of Christian Silver Art, each icon is a Handmade Icon that reflects the personal touch of its creator. The Orthodox Icon Set is not just manufactured but brought to life through a process that respects the sacred art's traditional roots while embracing the innovations that modern technology offers. A Beacon of Faith and Artistry As pieces of Religious Art, these icons go beyond decorative purposes, serving as focal points for prayer, meditation, and reflection. Their presence in a home or place of worship enriches the spiritual atmosphere, inviting contemplation of the divine mysteries they represent. The Tree of Life Icon set, in particular, serves as a powerful reminder of the Christian call to a life rooted in the love and grace of God, making it an invaluable Orthodox Gift for believers seeking to deepen their faith journey. Cultural and Spiritual Legacy The Tree of Life Icon set stands as a cultural and spiritual legacy, connecting the past's sacred traditions with the present's living faith. In offering these icons, we are not merely providing objects of art but are facilitating a deeper engagement with the spiritual heritage of Orthodox Christianity. The inclusion of the Vladimir Icon and Jesus Christ Icon in this set highlights the role of icons in mediating the presence of the saints and the Savior, inviting believers into a relationship with them through prayer and veneration. In the Tree of Life Icon set, we find a confluence of art, faith, and history that transcends the boundaries of time and culture. These icons, rendered with 999 Silver Icons and encapsulated in a Gift Box Icon, are more than mere objects; they are vessels of the divine presence, gateways to spiritual contemplation, and bearers of the profound mysteries of Christian faith. In embracing this icon set, whether as a personal treasure or a gift to another, we participate in the veneration of those sacred realities it represents. We are reminded of the eternal life promised in Christ, reflected in the enduring beauty and spiritual depth of these icons. Thus, the Tree of Life Icon set is not only a testament to the rich tradition of Orthodox iconography but also a beacon of hope and faith for the world today.
1 review for Tree of Life Silver Icon Set – Handmade & Gift Box
2021-10-11 19:27:13
I am very happy with my purchase! And it looks very good quality to me – the colors and silver coating :) Small icons are very detailed. Impressive work of talented people, made with soul. The order came in a gift box. The delivery was very fast, I highly recommend! 
5 out of 5



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