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A Gift of Faith: Choosing Andcross for Memorable Silver Icons

On the Andcross website, I was looking for a silver icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker to make a gift to my parents for their 30th wedding anniversary. I wanted to give them something truly memorable, a non-standard gift. The icon is exactly what I needed! It just dawned on me. As if an idea just came to my mind, as if it wasn’t mine.
I started to select the icon from the catalog. There were many good options there. In the end, I decided to take two items instead of one. It was possible to place one order for a set of two icons – I’ve got Jesus Christ and the Mother of God with a Christ Child.
The only thing I was worried about is the delivery to be in time because it was a last-minute order. However, with God’s help, I got it 2 days before the anniversary. My parents were extremely happy with such a gift. They began to come to faith in old age. In their youth, they weren’t actually faithful, there were no icons at home. Only 50 years later, they began to go to church more often, but it’s true for many people when they retire. And it also happened that I gave them icons.
My father made a shelf in the corner to keep them. They say the house has become cozier, calmer, even brighter, and more pure.
I absolutely liked the quality of the goods. Such fine work! May God bless those masters who made them.
Oscar Johnson