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A Quest for Sacred Symbols: Finding the Perfect Cross and Icon at Andcross

There are no Orthodox churches in our town, so it’s impossible to buy an icon or a cross. There is a small church in the neighboring town but the choice of goods they offer is quite limited. That’s why I started looking on the Internet. I liked the website The goods they offer satisfied me both in terms of price and the way they look.
I ordered a cross for my son. He was wearing his old cross for 19 years, but the chain broke and it got lost. His new cross looks like a piece of art. You can notice all the smallest details were thoroughly crafted. Some elements are black, others are silver. And the item itself is made of silver. I can’t take my eyes off of it. I hope my son will never lose it and wear it for the rest of his life.
I also bought an icon for my house – St Nicholas the Wonderworker. We already have several icons: Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity, and the Theotokos. And among all the saints, Nicholas is the strongest, the most merciful to people. No wonder they call him the Wonderworker. I always pray to him in difficult situations, and he helps me. And now I have his icon at home. It’s such beautiful work – all covered with shiny silver.
The big advantage of this online store is a big choice. There are many different products. You can choose cheaper and more expensive items to buy. And they also send you small gifts with any purchase. May God bless people who work honestly and kindly!
William  Parson