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Enriching My Spiritual Library: Discovering Exceptional Orthodox Books at Andcross

Thanks, the Andcross Orthodox store, for the good books you sold me. The Gospels and the Book of Psalms.
I have quite a large collection of Orthodox books at home – but they are mostly written in a journalistic manner. These are the books about monasteries, rules of behavior for believers, and descriptions of the lives of saints. There are art books too. And most of them are simple, thin, overall – nothing special. And lately, I’ve felt the urge and the strength to read more complicated and spiritual books.

I started looking for websites with Orthodox books. I liked the books offered in the Andcross online store right away. The photos already showed me that these books were very carefully and thoroughly made. I read the description: leather covers, printed at monasteries. I ordered two books.
I can say that they look even better in real life than in the photo. And it’s nice to hold them in your hands – the leather is of great quality.

It was also nice to receive a wooden cross as a gift for my purchase. Thank you for such kindness!
The delivery was quite fast. Although, for me, there was no rush. I could’ve waited as long as necessary. Books are not an urgent purchase.

When planning to buy another religious object, I’ll go to the same website without any doubt. There is a large selection of items. I’ve already checked the entire selection and I liked it a lot. But for now, I’ll read my books. Again, thanks a lot for them!
George King