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Journey of Faith and Quality: My Multiple Purchases from Andcross

I want to thank the people working in this company for their integrity. You sell good and high-quality products that are worth the money you ask for them. By helping Orthodox Christians to strengthen their faith in the Lord, you do a good thing. And thanks for the gifts that I got my purchase. It means that these people are generous and care about their customers. They treat us as brothers in faith.

I’ve already made two purchases on the Andcross website. My sister also placed an order after my recommendation. Also, my daughter ordered a cross for her granddaughter’s christening. All three of us are satisfied with the work of this Orthodox store.

I really liked the attitude: you can ask questions before ordering. And I like to learn more about the product before buying it. On the website, the product description doesn’t always have the full information that a buyer needs. I contacted them by email and asked a few questions. I always received detailed answers – I can see that people know about the goods and how they are made, where they were produced or consecrated, at which church, and so on.

A few words about prices. I’m not looking for cheap goods. If you plan to buy an icon, a cross, or a table bell, they should be of high quality so that they will last for a long long time. If they are made of precious metals – that’s even better. Such things cannot and should not be cheap. On the contrary, I gladly pay the indicated price if a product is made of silver.

I’m happy with everything, thank you for your work and support of Christians!