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Spreading Devotion: My Experience Gifting Virgin Mary Icons from Andcross

I bought a set of three icons of the Virgin Mary on the website Fine handwork. Very rich colors. The wooden frame is of noble shade. Strong stands at the back, so the icons can stand firmly without rocking. I paid 55 euros for 3 icons. They are relatively small. But for me, the size doesn’t matter. The most important thing having the image of the Mother of God in the house, which protects the family.
I gave these icons to my children and sister. I already have a lot of icons at home. The image of the Virgin Mary is among them but my son, daughter, and sister didn’t have it. My set consisted of 3 different depictions of the Virgin Mary. The color of the clothes is not the same, she holds the Divine Infant differently. But that’s exactly how I wanted my icons to be – so everyone gets a unique image.
My sister and children thanked me. It’s hard not to fall in love with such indescribable beauty.
I want to thank those people who painted icons and decorated them with precious metals. It’s a very good and God-pleasing thing to spread such spiritual values around the world.
Now I’m looking for a nice silver cross for my grandson on the same website. He will turn 10 in 3 months but still wears a small cross for children, which he was put on during the ceremony of christening. But the champ grows up, and it’s time to give him a bigger cross, for his adulthood. There is a good choice on this website, and now that I’m confident in the safety of the orders because the goods match the description.