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All about the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. What is it and how does it help a person’s soul to become better?

All about the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. What is it and how does it help a person’s soul to become better?

The book Epistle to the Galatians says: “The fruit of the Spirit is love, temperance, faith …” and many other human virtues. Generally speaking, this Fruit is all those moments in life that indicate the presence of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life (from the text of the Holy Bible, you can learn that every person receives the Holy Spirit after building faith in Jesus). The Holy Spirit has few purposes for the life of a Christian. The main of these goals is the transformation of the soul and its uplifting. It tries to elevate the soul of a person by comparing it with the soul of Christ and improving and lifting it above others.

The sins of man and the virtue of God

The so-called Fruit is the direct opposite of the vile and sinful actions of the human soul. The Sacred Texts say that the sinful deeds will be:

  • the use of dark magic;
  • craving for all kinds of carnal pleasures (for example, debauchery);
  • the constant use of mind-intoxicating substances, and so on.

A life that absorbs the above-mentioned sinful acts will be deprived of the opportunity to see the real Kingdom of God. Galatians says that sinful deeds make the soul heavier and do not allow it to rise, while noble deeds and building life based on the instructions in the Sacred Texts, make the soul lighter and closer to the spirit of Christ.

The life and nature of man cause many sins that must be redeemed by following the Almighty. When a person gains faith, the Spirit tries to produce more and more fruits that will make life sublime and truly worthy. The Spirit resists the low-level human needs, which make the soul dirty and unworthy of the Kingdom of God.


According to the Sacred Texts, human life is a constant struggle between low-level human behavior and the sublime one. People are sinful creatures and they need to be guided onto the righteous path. It’s the Fruit of the Holy Spirit that helps people overcome sinful wishes and obstacles, and become better and closer to Christ. This task is difficult but it tries to help people confront all kinds of sinful temptations. With the help of the Fruit, people become closer to God and their lives become better.