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Andcross Christian store

Andcross Christian store

The Andcross online store offers goods for Orthodox Christians. You can use these Orthodoxy items at home or at work or wear them every day. We have icons, books, figurines, rings, crosses and many others things. In our store, you’ll a large selection of silver icons: Jesus Christ, Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos , the Holy Trinity, as well as the most revered saints – Saint Nicholas of Myra, Saint George the Victorious, Saint Spyridon.

Made of precious metal, these icons will last for decades or even centuries. You can buy them for your own use or as gifts for your relatives, friends, and fellow Christians.

Many other goods in our store are made of precious metals as well. Rings and crosses are highly durable and diverse – each of them has its unique beautiful pattern and inscription.

Many of our goods are crafted in workshops at monasteries located in different countries of the world. The clergy blesses the craftsmen, and they work with prayer and love for what they do.

When buy such items, you get the good attributes that the manufacturers have added to them. The mercy of Our Lord and the intercession of the Saints will come to your house with them.