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ANDCROSS, the Pilgrim Ecclesiastical Educational Centre!

ANDCROSS, the Pilgrim Ecclesiastical Educational Centre!

What is the relationship between Faith and Pilgrimage?

For any loyal Orthodox Christian, starting a long-awaited journey to some holy location is truly God’s grace. Faithful believers who value the power of Christianity recognize the devotional need for travelling to different parts of the world deemed to be holy places for visitors. Their goal is to participate in sacramental worship practices aimed at strengthening their religious faith and getting mind and body cures. These brave and strong-willed people are called pilgrims.

As faith and pilgrimage are interdependent phenomena, true followers of Christ are happy to choose some pilgrim destination and say prayers at a shrine. It’s critical to undertake this unique and widespread Christian practice to connect with the Creator, feel part of the global community of Orthodox worshipers, and find out more about the history of religious teachings. Finally, it’s a good chance to visit the sacred sites where well-known miracles have occurred in the past and gain many special blessings.

The Benefits of Taking Pilgrimage Tours

Today, the number of Christians who are highly motivated to follow the religious tradition of pilgrimage is constantly increasing. Statistical data shows that over 3 million tourists visit sacred places of spiritual development annually. Among them are churches, monasteries, and other diverse sacred sites.

The benefits of going on a pilgrim journey are multiple:

Spiritual growth.
Faith healing.
Increased body-mind connection.
Restoration of relationships.
Revitalization of communities.
Hope entrancement.
Strengthening of moral discipline.

Maintain your faith by praying for healing and speaking with an all-knowing monk! Visiting different holy sites, you have an opportunity to increase your spiritual strength through prayers, service attendance, and administering the sacraments.

Start on a Pilgrimage Tour

organized by

ANDCROSS, the Pilgrim Ecclesiastical Educational Centre!

If you decide to go on an ethereal journey, choose tours organized by the Pilgrim Ecclesiastical Educational Centre, ANDCROSS. We welcome fruitful Orthodox Christians from all over the globe to join our amazing pilgrim’s trips aimed at planting faith, waxing strong in spirit, and improving mental and physical health. Our paths take us to divine locations and healing springs where miraculous healings have occurred. These major locations of pilgrimage attract thousands of faithful believers who suffer from both mild and severe forms of physical, mental, and psychological diseases.

During your travels, you’ll comply with both religious rules and freedoms as well as the fundamental laws of nature. It’s also essential for any devoted pilgrim to set attainable goals, pursue them with enthusiasm, and finally, obtain God’s consent. You should always keep in mind the iconic Christian personage, Abraham, who left his home with the purpose of seeking a sacramental land which the Holy Father promised to display. He became a traveler whose obedience to the King of Heaven is recognized as a role model for the faithful. Do you hear the call of the Almighty? Follow Abraham’s lead and “you will be a blessing” (Genesis 12:2, NIV)!

Our pilgrim centre was established in Estonia. Its mission is to collaborate with orthodox Christian organizations and individuals to boost the spiritual, mental, and emotional resiliency of all followers of Jesus. We encourage our members to spread Christian faith throughout the world, to encounter the Divinity, and to address their spiritual needs. We guarantee the safety and comfort of your travelling experience.

Follow the steps as described below:

Pass a simple registration procedure.
Choose the event of your interest from the travel calendar.
Select a date that suits you and the site you plan to attend.
Call our Andcross Pilgrimage Center at +37256605859 or send an email to
You are cordially invited! God be with you!

Heal your body, mind, and spirit with the trips offered by the Pilgrim Ecclesiastical Educational Centre, ANDCROSS!