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Archangel Michael

St Michael is an Archangel. He is one of the highest-ranking angels who are involved in the deeds of God. The Bible says that there exists a huge spiritual world and it’s much more important than the physical world. It is inhabited by good and evil creatures. The good creatures are called Angels.

The Meaning Of The Name

The word “Angel” is translated from ancient Greek as “messenger”. They are called this way because they convey messages from God and His will to people.

Angels live in a completely different dimension, we don’t have enough knowledge to understand the essence of their existence.

Archangels are the highest-ranking Angels. Michael belongs to this level too. His name is translated from Hebrew as “Who is like God”. Only several of the inhabitants of heaven have a name – the creatures that have made a significant contribution to the promotion of the Word and Work of God on Earth and Heaven.

In the Bible, Archangel Michael is called the Prince, the leader of God’s army. He is portrayed as the main fighter against evil and lawlessness on Earth. Therefore, he is also called “Archistrategos”, i.e. the main warrior.

The Deeds of Michael

According to the Old Testament, the deeds of Archangel Michael are very diverse. He was Jesus’ helper during the Israelite war when they were claiming the Promised Land. During the destruction of the Babylonian Empire, the Archangel came to the prophet Daniel and promised to help people during the period of persecution. In the Book of Revelations, he is presented as the main fighter against the devil that took the shape of an ancient serpent and fallen angels. It was he who, according to the Scriptures, cast the Devil out of heaven.

Nowadays, many ministers consider Michael to be the main hero of the most significant events described in the Bible. The mysterious pillar of fire, which helped to get rid of the Pharaoh’s army when the Jews were expelled from Egypt, is connected to him. There’s a belief that it was Michael who defeated the countless army of Assyrians who besieged Jerusalem during the time of the prophet Isaiah.

The church also honors Michael as a Patron of the Knighthood who fights for the faith against heresy and evil spirits. On icons and frescoes, he is depicted as a warrior and defender – holding a sword or spear in his hands.

Legends about Michael

Also called the Warrior of Light, Archangel Michael is known not only in Christianity. His name is mentioned in Islam and Judaism as well. And the name Michael dates back to the 8th century before Christ. It’s believed that the Archangel first appears in the religion of Ancient Persia.

According to legends, the Archangel appeared on three mountain peaks, where Odin used to live. Therefore, St Michael’s Day is celebrated on the same day as the harvest festival.

Since the 8th century, the German troops have chosen Michael as their patron. He was identified with Siegfried, a dragon fighter. The image of the Archangel have been added to battle flags.

People often pray to St Michael when they want health. There is a belief that the Archangel is fighting with the evil that causes all illnesses. There are a lot of places on Earth that were named after St Michael. According to one legend, he guards the Gates of Paradise against uninvited guests.