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Archangel Raphael

The Archangel Raphael is considered a healer who looks after the flock and is able to cure any disease, both physical and mental. Raphael is rarely called by his first name. His name is not mentioned in the Bible at all. This Archangel would have remained unknown if he was mentioned in the book of Tobit.

The meaning of the name

The name Raphael comes from the Hebrew word “Rapha” (rophe). This is what the doctors are called in Judaism. Such a name describes this Supreme Angel like nothing else. He is also mentioned in Islamic culture and Judaism. And in every religion, Raphael is a healer and a patron of medicine. He can heal and relieve any pain – not only physical but all kinds of pain, including relationships or difficult situations in life.

The Deeds

The main deed of Raphael is the imprisonment of the fallen angel Azazel in the desert. This was the demon’s punishment for teaching people certain crafts that made them vain and corrupt. Raphael is also known for guarding demons and their human wives.

Raphael works side by side with Michael. Together, these two Archangels will stand against the hordes of Satan when they begin to attack. His other purpose is to watch people and their actions and reward or punish them depending on their deeds and thoughts.

The Book of Tobit says that Raphael was the companion of Tobias and disguised himself as a mortal. He also bound and defeated the demon who killed the husbands of Sarah, who later became the wife of Tobit. According to this book, Raphael cured its author of blindness and then told him about his true nature. He also told about 4 places where the souls of the dead would be waiting for the Last Judgment. According to Raphael, there are not only Hell and Heaven but also other worlds. Raphael says that the universe is multi-dimensional.

The book of Enoch describes how the Archangel showed its author the tree from which Eve took the forbidden fruit. Raphael gave his magic ring to Solomon so that he could command demons. This ring also gave the King wisdom.

On icons, the Archangel is often depicted as a dark-haired man or a young man holding a pentacle or a fish in his hands. The Archangel gave the latter to Tobit and told him how to cure blindness with a gallbladder. And the pentacle is a known amulet used by doctors and travelers.

How Archangel Raphael helps people

In addition to healing, the Archangel patronizes travelers and nomads. All people who help animals or protect nature are also under his protective wing. In order for Raphael to help, a person must wish for his help and make a request. Without this request or desire, Raphael will not come to help. You can turn to him for healing any disease or when fighting sadness, depression, or stress. He will recommend the methods of treatment and show how a person may prevent future suffering.

Raphael heals not physical illnesses only, but also bad habits. He helps to get rid of bad habits and tendencies and fight aggression. Turning to this Archangel, you can get help in cleansing and developing extrasensory perception.

Travelers pray to Raphael and ask to make their way easy and free from unforeseen problems. He can also help find a way if a person or an animal is lost. Raphael is responsible for order and motivation.

In the books of Tobit and Enoch, the word “travelers” have a broader meaning than “people who visit distant lands”. These are also ordinary people who cannot find their way in life. Raphael can show them the right direction. For example, you can pray to him if you want to find your soulmate, get married, or build a family. If there are people who are unhappy in their intimate lives, their parents or children can also turn to Raphael.