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Brief history of the Holy Gospel Book

The Most Holy Theotokos

The Holy Gospel Book is a great tool for establishing and feeding the spirit of a true Christian. This is a universal source of daily wisdom for believers. The book helps to absorb strength, improve faith in Our Lord, and find answers to the most tricky questions about our existence, namely, why we came to earth.

Traditionally, the Book includes 4 canonical gospels and is considered to be the first part of the New Testament. This is great work to begin your journey to God with and strengthen your faith. It contains everything we know about the life of Jesus of Nazareth. A righteous person can learn many lessons by simply reading this story.

In Eastern Orthodoxy, the Gospel Book is venerated in the same manner as the icons and plays a central role in liturgy – the priests read the extracts from the book during the Divine Liturgy and other services in a church. There are some beautifully adorned and jeweled editions made in monasteries. They are now kept in treasuries and museums.

A quick overview: what is this book about?

Simply speaking, the Gospels contain the description of the life of Jesus Christ, including His miracles and teaching, his suffering, death on the cross, and accession. There are four versions – the same story is told from 4 unique perspectives (as witnessed and written by apostles – Jesus’s closest disciples):

  • The Gospel of Matthew;
  • The Gospel of Mark;
  • The Gospel of Luke;
  • The Gospel of John.

The narrative is way bigger than just a story of how Jesus had lived and died. In between the simple words, there is hidden a life-transforming message. It’s about every faithful person and the true meanings of love, mercy, and forgiveness.

Despite sharing the same story, all gospels are different and show Christ from an independent perspective. The Gospel of Matthew focuses on the prophecy that Jesus of Nazareth is the promised Messiah. In the Gospel of Mark, He is shown as a suffering servant of God. The Gospel of Luke portrays Jesus as the Savior of us all. And the Gospel of John discloses the divine nature of Christ.

Importance of the Holy Gospels for Christians

The Holy Gospels have particular importance for every faithful person because they contain the teachings of Jesus. They are a voice of Christ that speaks to us in a symbolic and mysterious way. They are a milestone on which Christianity is built. Although the content of the Book hasn’t changed, present-time believers still find knowledge, wisdom, and answers to their questions there.

Reading the Holy Gospel Book can be your guiding light navigating you through the sea of everyday problems or your protection against evil. Through this book, God is able to speak to us. Through this book, He can shepherd us into faith. Through this book, human souls are united with Our Lord.

How to read the Holy Gospel Book

Reading the Book of Gospels is not like reading an ordinary book – you should do it repeatedly, with great reverence and attention. Nothing that is written here can be omitted or considered unworthy of your consideration. Once you are able to perceive these messages with your mind and heart, they will stay with you forever and will guide you toward the Light and Salvation.

For a Christian, reading and listening to the lines from the Gospels may act as a spiritual exercise. Having a book at home and turning to it regularly can lead you away from doubts and give you the necessary wisdom about life.

If you decide you buy the Holy Gospel Book for yourself or as a gift to loved ones, it’s better to get a quality gift edition. Items made in monastery workshops have special significance – they are made with love and blessing. You can order the leather-bound Holy Gospel Book crafted by nuns at Andcross Orthodox Workshop Store. This unique item will be a great gift and serve you for decades even if using it frequently.