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Only blessed items in the Andcross Christian shop

Only blessed items in the Andcross Christian shop

Trading the Christian worship items on the Internet is significantly different from any other kind of sales. Actually, in such a case, the things that matter aren’t only the quality of materials, manufacturing technology and various parameters that are standard for any goods.

When ordering icons, crosses and other items related to religion, the spiritual component is very important. Was an item blessed? Was it sanctified in the church?

When buying worship items on our website (, you can be sure about the positive answers to all the questions mentioned. Many items for the online store of ‘Andcross’ Orthodox corporation are made in workshops and/or by private craftsmen at monasteries and churches.

If you purchase a figurine, a bell or a ring, you’re absolutely guaranteed that these items are made in accordance with all the rules and canons of religion. You buy not just a beautiful thing that looks like a wonderful picture. And that’s the only correct approach to the manufacturing and trading the items that help people strengthen their faith, keep in touch with God, heal themselves from physical and spiritual afflictions.

The International Orthodox Corporation has connections with craftsmen from different countries all over the world. Therefore, we have an opportunity to select and offer our customers the best samples of Christian art.