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Review of product icon of Saint Nicholas

Review of product icon of Saint Nicholas

I bought an icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker in a silver and gold frame. The colors are different. A truly beautiful work. I know that this saint will help me in any difficult situation. Sometimes, when it’s possible I pray to him out loud. Or silently. It’s not that important. The main thing is to ask for his intercession. Going to church to pray in front of his icon is the best idea. In my church, there are 4 icons of St. Nicholas, so I stand near each of them, pray and kiss them. This is how I’ve got an idea to have the image of my patron at home.

I made my order on the website

They offer plenty of icons of this saint, and there are also many others. They are different in size and price. I chose the 13 x 18 cm icon. My icon arrived 11 days after the order, in a beautiful box. It came already consecrated. I put it in the most visible place on the second tier of the computer desk. When I’m sitting at my desk and working, the icon is located right above my head. I look up and see it.

Since this purchase, I began to pray to Saint Nicholas more often. When something doesn’t go as planned, or I have problems at work, or I need to make an important call, I just move away from the table, look at the icon, and ask Nicholas to help. Surprisingly enough, my problems are solved without me doing anything, the right solutions come to my mind, and my boss doesn’t sound angry, even if he has a reason to.