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What is Gospel?

What is Gospel?

In the Bible, the word ‘gospel’ is mentioned in the New Testament. It is an old English word “gōdspel”, actually meaning ‘Christian message’ or ‘good news. In the Greek language, it is associated with ‘euaggelion’, and words such as evangel and evangelic came to English from Greek.

The gospel is good news referring to news about Jesus Christ and salvation. In a more general sense, the gospel specifies the first part of the New Testament of the Bible, describing the deeds and life of Jesus Christ.

It is suggested that the knowledge of the gospel can be obtained through the perception and knowledge of the Old and New Testaments.

The Old Testament Law appeared in Israel in the time of Moses. Also referred to as The Law of Moses, it implemented the method of ‘measuring’, where everything imperfect is a sin. The criteria of perfect were so strict that no human could follow the law perfectly neither in words nor spirit.
According to Romans 3:23, not only good and bad actions of people are counted, but also imperfect behavior, therefore everyone is a sinner, and the penalty for sin is death, being apart from God.

New Testament Hebrews 9:22 tells that to reach the residence of God -Heaven, it is important to be free of sin; nearly every sin is cleansed with blood and the forgiveness of sins comes with a shed of blood.
‘Hebrews 10:10-17’ suggest that Jesus Christ delivered a “sacrifice for sins” knowing the words of the Lord that sins and bad deeds will no longer be remembered.

Hebrews 10:1-4 suggest that Jesus’s sacrifice was unavoidable and that to clear all the sins, Jesus “sacrificed once for all”.

It is from the events described in the gospel that we learn about the life of Christ. The authors of the gospel are the apostles and devotees of Christ. It is believed that the Scripture was created by divine inspiration. The apostles described the events that they witnessed and participated in.

The gospel is a message of Christianity, it became a presentation of the earthly life of the Lord Jesus Christ and His teachings. Taking out the Gospel and reading passages from the New Testament is an important part of worship for all Christians.
The Gospel is a text of the New Testament a new “agreement” between God and man, who fulfilled what was said in the Old Testament and began a new era of humanity’s relationship with God.