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999 Silver Plated Holy Trinity Icon 3.1×4.3 Gift Case


St. Matrona of Moscow Silver Icon 8x11cm Gift Box
73.00 46.72 (36%)
Medium Wooden Russian Orthodox Icon St Matrona Of Moscow. Silver Plated .999 Oklad Riza ( 3.1″ X 4.3″ ) 8cm X 11cm. B212
Holy Trinity Silver Plated Orthodox Icon 3.1×4.3
73.00 46.72 (36%)
Medium Wooden Russian Orthodox Icon Holy Trinity. Silver Plated .999 Oklad Riza ( 3.1″ X 4.3″ ) 8cm X 11cm. B207
(4 customer reviews)

Product Code: B206.
The sizes are about : W – 3.1″ , L – 4.3″ (8cm x 11cm).

EAN: 1390000273443
SKU: B206
The tradition of iconography within the Orthodox Christian faith is a profound testament to the religion's rich heritage and deep spiritual practice. Iconography, the art of creating sacred images, serves not only as a form of religious art but also as a medium through which the divine is made manifest to the faithful. The Holy Trinity Orthodox Icon, with its deep roots in Byzantine tradition and its contemporary manifestations, exemplifies the enduring legacy and evolving practice of this sacred art. Origins and Historical Significance The practice of creating and venerating icons dates back to the early centuries of Christianity, with the Byzantine Empire serving as the crucible for much of its development. Byzantine sacred images, characterized by their symbolic language and spiritual depth, have played a pivotal role in Orthodox worship and theology. These images are not mere representations but are considered windows to the heavenly realm, inviting the viewer into a deeper communion with the divine. The Holy Trinity icon, inspired by the biblical story of Abraham's hospitality to three angels at Mamre, is among the most cherished and theologized subjects in Orthodox iconography. It symbolizes the unity, equality, and eternal love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, embodying the essence of the Orthodox understanding of God. Techniques and Materials: A Confluence of Tradition and Innovation The creation of an icon is a sacred act, imbued with prayer and fasting. The Great Miraculous Icon Medium Wooden Icon of the Holy Trinity represents a perfect amalgamation of ancient techniques and modern technology. Traditionally, icons were painted on wood panels with egg tempera, using natural pigments. However, this icon introduces a contemporary element through its 999% pure silver plating, a testament to the innovative spirit of modern Orthodox iconography. The application of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology ensures that the silver plating is durable and resistant to environmental factors, preserving the icon's beauty and sanctity for generations. This icon, measuring approximately 3.1 inches in width and 4.3 inches in length, is crafted from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), a modern material that offers consistency and durability while honoring the traditional aesthetic of wooden icons. The choice of MDF and the meticulous application of silver plating illustrate the careful balance between honoring tradition and embracing innovation in the creation of sacred art. The Role of Icons in Orthodox Worship and Devotion In Orthodox Christianity, icons are more than decorative elements; they are spiritual tools that facilitate a direct connection with the divine. The veneration of icons, such as the Holy Trinity, is integral to Orthodox worship, with believers often praying before icons, seeking guidance, protection, and intercession. This practice underscores the theology of icons as not merely art but as manifestations of God's presence and as vessels of grace. The Holy Trinity Orthodox Icon, with its depiction of the three angels, serves as a constant reminder of the mystery of the Holy Trinity, inviting the faithful to reflect on the depth of God's love and the mystery of divine communion. It is through these sacred images that believers are drawn into a deeper relationship with God, making icons central to the spiritual life of the Orthodox faithful. The Andcross Artisan Icons: Bridging Heritage and Craftsmanship The creation of Orthodox icons is a sacred craft, entrusted to skilled artisans who approach their work as a form of prayer. The Andcross Artisan Icons, of which the Holy Trinity icon is a prime example, stand as a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and devotion of European artisans. These icons are handcrafted, with each detail meticulously applied to convey the spiritual depth and theological richness of the depicted subject. Produced in the European Union for the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, these icons represent a harmonious blend of traditional artistry and modern precision. The use of high-quality materials, such as 999% pure silver and MDF, alongside advanced techniques like PVD technology, exemplifies the artisans' commitment to creating icons that are not only spiritually significant but also enduring works of art. Miraculous Icons: Vessels of Faith and Intercession The belief in the miraculous nature of icons is a profound aspect of Orthodox spirituality. Icons like the Holy Trinity are revered not only for their artistic and theological significance but also for their perceived ability to mediate divine grace and miracles. Many faithful attest to experiencing healings, guidance, and protection through their prayers before these sacred images, reinforcing the notion of icons as living, grace-filled presences in the lives of believers. A Global Tradition: Worldwide Icon Shipping and Accessibility The reverence for Orthodox icons transcends geographical boundaries, with believers around the world seeking these sacred images for worship and devotion. The availability of worldwide icon shipping has played a crucial role in spreading the beauty and spiritual richness of Orthodox iconography, making it possible for the faithful in every corner of the globe to own and venerate these holy images. This accessibility underscores the universal appeal of Orthodox icons and their importance as spiritual aids for Christians worldwide. The Enduring Legacy of Orthodox Iconography The Great Miraculous Icon Medium Wooden Icon of the Holy Trinity is a shining example of the enduring legacy and contemporary relevance of Orthodox iconography. Through the fusion of ancient traditions and modern technologies, these sacred images continue to serve as vital expressions of faith, art, and theology within the Orthodox Christian tradition. As they are lovingly created, venerated, and shared, Orthodox icons stand as testaments to the depth of Christian devotion and the timeless appeal of sacred art. In this exploration of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Icon and its significance within the broader context of Orthodox Christian art and spirituality, we witness the profound impact of these sacred images on the lives of the faithful. Through the meticulous craftsmanship of Andcross artisan icons and the innovative application of modern techniques, these spiritual gifts continue to illuminate the path of believers, bridging the ancient and the modern, the heavenly and the earthly.
4 reviews for 999 Silver Plated Holy Trinity Icon 3.1×4.3 Gift Case
Duke (Jacksonville, FL)
2024-03-11 15:45:07
This silver covered Orthodox icon of the Holy Trinity took my breath away! It is absolutely GORGEOUS. I have to say that I don’t think it’s possible to find one more lovely in all of America. The craftsmanship is EXEMPLARY! This work of art is displayed in a place of honor in my home. Thanks a lot
5 out of 5
Ksenia Petrovskaya
2024-03-08 19:40:05
Order review – Excellent piece of art, and the customer service is phenomenal. I’m glad that it’s now possible to order blessed icons online. Thank you very much, the team of Andcross for this precious item and careful packaging. Arrived in perfect condition
5 out of 5
2024-02-21 14:26:54
Exceptionally beautiful icon of Holy Trinity! It is exactly as the famous painting (icon), and it's now placed in my prayer corner :-) Thank you so much to Andcross for their services. I will be back with more purchases for sure :-D My warmest and kindest blessings
5 out of 5
R Klavuis
2023-09-17 12:46:15
Received my icon of the Holy Trinity today and was very ecstatic on how beautiful it was well crafted ! Very pleased! Many, many thanks to Andcross online shop for gracing my home with such a beautiful, inspiring piece of art! God bless you.
5 out of 5



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