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Amolyntos & Christ Pantocrator Silver Icon Set


Silver-Plated Orthodox Icons: Amolyntos & Kazan Set
89.00 61.41 (31%)
SilverPlated.999 Orthodox Icons Mother of God Amolyntos, Mother of God Kazan. Set of 2 icons. (6.4cm X 5cm). B313
Triple Set: Silver Orthodox Icons Amolyntos, Kazan, Vladimir
121.00 83.49 (31%)
SilverPlated.999 Orthodox Icons Mother of God Amolyntos, Mother of God Kazan, Mother of God Vladimir. Set of 3 icons. (6.4cm X 5cm). B311

Product Code: B312.
The sizes are about : W – 2.00″ , L -2.50″ (64 mm x 50 mm).

EAN: 1390000297289
SKU: B312
Orthodox Christian iconography is a sacred art that serves as a window to the divine, offering believers a visual representation of the gospel and the saints. Among this rich tradition, icons of the Mother of God and Christ Pantocrator hold significant places due to their deep theological and spiritual meanings. These icons are not merely decorative but are considered sacred tools for worship, veneration, and contemplation. The Miraculous Duo: Amolyntos and Christ Pantocrator Icons The Mother of God Amolyntos and Christ Pantocrator are two of the most revered images in Orthodox Christianity. The Amolyntos icon, representing the Virgin Mary in a protective stance, is cherished for its association with mercy and compassion. Meanwhile, the Christ Pantocrator icon depicts Jesus Christ as the ruler of all, symbolizing his divine authority and omniscience. Together, this set encapsulates the core of Orthodox spirituality—Christ's divine majesty and the Virgin Mary's maternal intercession. The Artistry and Craftsmanship of the Icons These icons, crafted in the European tradition, stand as testament to the enduring legacy of Orthodox art. Made by special order for the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, they are produced using a sophisticated metal PVD alloy that is then finished with pure silver 999 plating. This not only enhances their beauty but also ensures their longevity. The technique of serigraphy, used to create these icons, allows for intricate details and vibrant colors that remain unchanged over time, capturing the spiritual essence of the subjects they depict. Product Specifications Each icon in the set measures 2.00 inches in width and 2.50 inches in length (64 mm x 50 mm), offering a harmonious balance suitable for personal devotion or as part of a home altar. The choice of materials—special metal PVD alloy and pure silver 999 plating—reflects a commitment to quality and sanctity. Despite their metal construction, these icons are designed to be lightweight, enhancing their portability and ease of display. This meticulous attention to dimensions, materials, and weight ensures these icons are both revered and accessible. The Historical Significance and Application of the Icons The icons of the Mother of God Amolyntos and Christ Pantocrator have played pivotal roles in the spiritual lives of believers throughout history. These images have not only adorned the walls of churches and monasteries but have also found places in the homes of the faithful, serving as focal points for prayer and reflection. The history of these icons is rich with stories of miracles, from healings attributed to the intercession of the Virgin Mary to the comforting presence of Christ in times of turmoil. Icons as Spiritual Collectibles and Religious Art Gifts Beyond their religious significance, Orthodox icons are treasured as spiritual collectibles and meaningful religious art gifts. They carry with them the weight of centuries of faith and devotion, making them profound gifts for baptisms, weddings, and other significant spiritual milestones. The silver-plated icons of the Mother of God Amolyntos and Christ Pantocrator, in particular, are sought after for their beauty, craftsmanship, and the deep spiritual connection they facilitate. Enhancing Orthodox Home Decor with Sacred Art Treasures Integrating Orthodox icons into home decor is a practice that sanctifies the living space, turning homes into extensions of the church environment. The Amolyntos and Christ Pantocrator icons, with their silver-plated brilliance and spiritual depth, serve as constant reminders of the presence of the divine in everyday life. They are not just decorations but sacred art treasures that enrich the spiritual atmosphere of any home. The Role of European Crafted Icons in Preserving Tradition The tradition of iconography in Europe is marked by a dedication to preserving the sacred art forms of the past while adapting to the materials and techniques of the present. The European crafted icons, such as the Amolyntos and Christ Pantocrator set, embody this commitment to tradition and innovation. They are a bridge between the ancient practices of iconography and the contemporary desire for art that is both spiritually meaningful and aesthetically pleasing. Embracing the Divine Through Iconography The set of the Mother of God Amolyntos and Christ Pantocrator icons represents a spiritual journey, inviting believers to embrace the mystery and majesty of the Orthodox faith. These icons, with their rich history, exquisite craftsmanship, and profound spiritual significance, are more than just pieces of religious art; they are doorways to the divine, offering all who gaze upon them an opportunity for reflection, prayer, and connection with the sacred. The Andcross Legacy: Spreading the Beauty of Orthodoxy Andcross has made it its mission to share the beauty and depth of Orthodox iconography with the world. Through their dedication to quality and tradition, they have created icons that are not only visually stunning but also spiritually moving. Photographed with care and presented in a gift box, these icons are ready to find their place in the homes and hearts of the faithful, continuing the legacy of Orthodox spirituality for generations to come. By integrating the provided keywords and weaving a narrative that covers the theological, historical, and artistic aspects of these icons, this article would provide a comprehensive exploration of their significance, making it a rich resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of Orthodox Christian iconography.
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