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Blessed Orthodox Book Set in Russian by Monastery Nuns


Limited Old Slavonic Orthodox Prayer Book
112.00 88.48 (21%)
Orthodox Prayer Book Old Slavonic Language, Made in Monastery By Nuns, Blessed, Natural Black Leather, Limited Edition. B432
Limited Edition Holy Gospel by Monastery Nuns
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The Holy Gospel, Orthodox Book Russian Language, Made in Monastery By Nuns, Blessed. B431
(2 customer reviews)

Product code: B431
Brand new and unused.

EAN: 1390000306356
SKU: B431
Embarking on a spiritual journey through the pages of sacred texts is a tradition that has been preserved and cherished within the Orthodox Christian faith for centuries. The essence of this tradition is beautifully encapsulated in a unique collection of religious books, meticulously crafted by the devoted hands of monastic nuns. This collection, comprising the Holy Gospel, a Prayer Book, and a Book of Psalm, is not merely a set of texts; it represents a bridge to the divine, an invitation to delve deeper into one's faith, and a guide to spiritual enlightenment. The Holy Gospel: At the heart of this collection lies the Holy Gospel, a cornerstone of Orthodox Christian books. Spanning 830 pages, this edition in the Russian language is a testament to the life, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It serves as a beacon of hope and faith, offering guidance and wisdom to believers seeking to follow in the footsteps of Christ. The Gospel is revered not just for its content but as a sacred artifact that embodies the essence of Christian faith. Prayer Book: Complementing the Holy Gospel is the Prayer Book, encompassing 447 pages of prayers that cover a wide spectrum of Christian life and worship. From morning prayers to evening supplications, this book is a comprehensive companion for those seeking to maintain a constant dialogue with God. It is a tool for personal reflection, repentance, and thanksgiving, enabling believers to cultivate a deeper spiritual connection. Book of Psalm: The third gem in this collection, the Book of Psalm, also stretches over 447 pages. It comprises a compilation of poetic hymns and prayers that have been used for centuries in both personal devotion and liturgical worship. The Psalms express a wide range of human emotions, from despair to jubilation, offering comfort and hope to the faithful. They are a source of strength, encouragement, and solace, reflecting the human journey through trials towards divine salvation. Physical Attributes and Craftsmanship: Each book in this blessed book collection boasts a design that marries traditional craftsmanship with the need for practicality and durability. The Holy Gospel measures 3.1" x 4.3" and is 1.5" thick (109mm x 78mm x 40mm), while both the Prayer Book and Book of Psalm share dimensions of 4.3" x 3.0" and are 1.0" thick (110mm x 77mm x 24mm). This careful consideration of size ensures that the books are both portable and user-friendly, allowing for ease of handling and reading. Crafted with materials chosen for their quality and longevity, these books are designed to withstand the test of time, preserving the sacred texts within for generations to come. The creation of these monastic nuns crafted Orthodox literature pieces involves a meticulous process that blends spiritual devotion with artistic skill. Each book is handcrafted, with every page bearing the marks of a labor of love dedicated to glorifying God and enriching the spiritual lives of the faithful. The process is imbued with prayer, making each book a sacred vessel of divine wisdom and a conduit for the blessings of the monastic community that brought it to life. A Limited Edition Offering: This collection is a hard-to-find limited edition, making it a valuable addition to any library of religious texts in Russian. Its exclusivity is matched by its spiritual and historical significance, offering believers a unique opportunity to own a piece of Orthodox Christian heritage. These books are brand new and unused, ready to find their place in the hands and hearts of those who cherish the Orthodox faith. Shipping and Availability: Crafted with love in the heart of Europe, this collectible Orthodox book trio is available for shipping worldwide. With delivery times ranging from 5 to 20 days, these sacred texts are accessible to believers across the globe, bringing the richness of Russian Orthodox spirituality to the doorstep of the faithful. This collection is more than just a set of books; it is an invitation to embark on a journey of faith, guided by the wisdom of the Church and the practices of centuries of devout believers. It is an offer to deepen one's understanding of God's Word, to enhance one's prayer life, and to immerse oneself in the beauty of Orthodox Christian spirituality. As we delve further into the history and application of these sacred texts, we invite readers to reflect on the role such books can play in their spiritual growth and the ways in which they can enrich their journey towards God. In the next installment, we will explore the historical context of these texts, the monastic tradition that has preserved them, and the impact they have had on the lives of believers throughout the ages.
2 reviews for Blessed Orthodox Book Set in Russian by Monastery Nuns
Anna Berezhko
2023-06-11 11:12:53
Brilliant collection of books… Always wanted to have them. The whole collection looks amazing on the shelf, like from some old library… I can’t wait to start reading them soon. Thank you very much and may God be with you 🙏
5 out of 5
Valentin P
2022-12-12 15:25:07
This is completely different quality from all the holy books I’ve had before. These items are made with love and care. I’m glad to have purchased the entire set – I got everything I need to absorb the wisdom of Our Lord and strengthen my faith in times of temptation.
5 out of 5



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