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Divine Trio: Jesus, Kazan & St. George Icons 6x4cm


Silver-Plated Orthodox Icons: Amolyntos & Vladimir
89.00 61.41 (31%)
Set of 2 Small Russian Orthodox Icons Mother of God Amolyntos, Mother of God Vladimir. Silver Plated .999 ( 6cm X 4cm ). B122
Silver-Plated Icons: Holy Family & Mother Vladimir
89.00 61.41 (31%)
Set of 2 Small Russian Orthodox Icons Mother of God Vladimir, Holy Family. Silver Plated .999 ( 6cm X 4cm ). B124
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Product Code: B123
The sizes are about : W – 1.60″ , L -2.35″ (64 mm x 50 mm).

EAN: 1390000268753
SKU: B123
The Set of 3 Small Christian Icons presents a divine assembly that captures the essence of Orthodox spirituality and artistry. Crafted with devotion by the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, this trio of icons—Lord Jesus Christ, Mother of God Kazan, and St. George Warrior—embodies the profound narratives and virtues central to Orthodox Christian faith. Silver-plated with pure silver 999 and realized through the meticulous serigraphy technique, each icon stands as a beacon of spiritual depth, tradition, and artistic excellence. Lord Jesus Christ Icon: The Incarnate Word At the heart of this set lies the Lord Jesus Christ Icon, portraying Christ Pantocrator, the Almighty, who embodies divine wisdom, authority, and mercy. This icon is a cornerstone of Christian iconography, inviting believers to reflect upon the mystery of the Incarnation and Christ's pivotal role in salvation history. It serves as a visual theology, conveying Christ's dual nature as fully divine and fully human, and His eternal presence among the faithful. Mother of God Kazan Icon: Protection and Intercession The Mother of God Kazan Icon is revered for its historical significance and the profound protection it offers to devotees. This depiction of the Theotokos (Mother of God) is associated with miraculous interventions and embodies the Virgin Mary's maternal care and intercessory power. Through her compassionate gaze, the icon draws believers into a deeper relationship with the divine, reinforcing the Virgin Mary's role as a protector and advocate for humanity. St. George Warrior Icon: Valor and Victory Completing the set, the St. George Warrior Icon symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, as Saint George, depicted slaying the dragon, represents courage, righteousness, and the protective hand of God over the righteous. This icon resonates with the faithful as a source of inspiration and courage, encouraging perseverance in the face of adversity and faithfulness to Christian virtues. The Artistry Behind the Andcross Icon Collection This exquisite trio is a product of the European Union, crafted under the auspices of the Andcross Orthodox Art Corporation. Measuring approximately 1.60 inches in width and 2.35 inches in length (60 mm x 40 mm), each icon in the set is meticulously produced using a special metal PVD alloy, processed with pure silver 999 plating. The serigraphy technique ensures that the sacred images are captured with vibrant colors and intricate details, offering a window into the divine for generations of believers. Integration into Modern Devotional Practices In contemporary spiritual life, this set of icons serves as a vital link between the timeless traditions of Orthodox Christianity and the dynamic faith life of modern believers. Representing key figures and themes of the faith, these icons are not only focal points for prayer and meditation but also symbols of the enduring presence and protection of the divine in the lives of the faithful. Cultural and Educational Impact The Set of 3 Small Christian Icons transcends mere religious artifacts; they are potent educational tools that bridge the gap between faith and culture. Through the vivid portrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Mother of God Kazan, and St. George the Warrior, these icons serve as gateways to exploring the rich tapestry of Orthodox Christian history, theology, and spirituality. Educational Value: In religious education settings, from Sunday schools to adult catechism classes, the icons are utilized to teach the faithful about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the role and significance of the Virgin Mary in the Orthodox faith, and the virtues of sainthood exemplified by St. George. They provide tangible links to the stories and teachings that form the bedrock of Christian doctrine. Cultural Significance: Beyond their spiritual significance, these icons are embodiments of centuries-old artistic traditions. The serigraphy technique used in their creation is a testament to the enduring legacy of Orthodox iconography, offering insights into the evolution of religious art in Europe. For believers and non-believers alike, the icons are windows into the soul of a civilization, reflecting its values, struggles, and aspirations. Integration into Daily Life and Spirituality The set of icons finds a special place in the homes and hearts of modern believers, serving as daily reminders of faith, protection, and divine presence. Spiritual Protection: Each icon in the set is considered a spiritual protection artwork, believed to guard against spiritual and physical adversities. Their presence in a home sanctifies the space, creating an environment conducive to prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth. Home Decoration: Beyond their spiritual utility, these icons are also cherished as high-quality religious decor. Their aesthetic beauty and sacred significance make them essential elements of Christian home decoration, enriching the spiritual ambiance of living spaces. The Enduring Legacy of the Icon Set The Set of 3 Small Christian Icons by Andcross is more than a collection of sacred images; it is a legacy of faith that continues to inspire and guide believers across generations. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and profound reverence for the traditions of Orthodox Christianity, these icons embody the timeless beauty and depth of the Christian faith. A Legacy of Faith: Through the veneration of these icons, believers are invited into a deeper communion with the divine, exploring the mysteries of faith and the promise of eternal grace. The set serves as a spiritual heirloom, passed down through generations, bearing witness to the enduring power of sacred imagery in the life of the Church. A Testament to Artistic and Spiritual Devotion: Andcross's commitment to preserving the integrity and beauty of Orthodox iconography through this set ensures that the spiritual heritage of Orthodoxy is accessible to a global audience. The use of traditional techniques like serigraphy and silver plating underscores the fusion of artistry and devotion that characterizes the creation of these icons. In conclusion, the Set of 3 Small Christian Icons stands as a vibrant testament to the power of religious art to inspire, educate, and protect. As these icons continue their journey across time and space, they affirm the enduring relevance of the Orthodox Christian tradition in the modern world, bridging the divine with the daily and the sacred with the secular.
1 review for Divine Trio: Jesus, Kazan & St. George Icons 6x4cm
2023-08-25 17:08:47
Great class works of Orthodox art.. suit my needs wonderfully. Shipping was excellent and the products are just what I wanted. Good service from Andcross Orthodox Art Corporation. All looks good, hopefully these icons will serve me for years. :-)
5 out of 5



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