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Handmade Christ & Guardian Angel Icon Set + Gift Box


999 Silver Holy Family Icon 5.12×7.1 | Handmade Gift
84.00 73.08 (13%)
The Holy Family Christian Icon, Handmade Silver 999 Plated Icon, Gift box, Handmade, 12 rare postcards Russian icon five languages. B390
Guardian Angel & Saints: Silver Icon Set | Handmade
98.00 85.26 (13%)
Guardian Angel, 2 Small Icons Set, Christian Orthodox Icon Silver Plated 999 Handmade, Gift case. B388
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Product Code: B389.
The sizes are about : ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm
Small Icons : W – 2.00″ , L -2.50″ (64 mm x 50 mm).

EAN: 1390000303898
SKU: B389
In the realm of spiritual artifacts, icons hold a place of profound reverence and beauty, serving as windows to the divine and as focal points for prayer and meditation. Among these, a standout collection emerges—the Great Miraculous Icon set, comprising a Christian wooden icon accompanied by a gift box and two smaller icons, each depicting significant religious figures: the Guardian Angel, and the Mother of God Vladimir, alongside the Lord Jesus Christ. This ensemble is not just an art piece; it's a conduit for faith, a testament to the rich tradition of Orthodox Christian art, and a bearer of divine presence. Historical Resonance and Craftsmanship The tradition of iconography is a cornerstone of Christian art, dating back to the early centuries of the Church. It reached its zenith in the Byzantine Empire, where icons became central to Orthodox spirituality. This icon set pays homage to that tradition, marrying the age-old customs of iconography with modern craftsmanship. Each icon, an original copy of a Byzantine sacred image, is a masterpiece of devotion, reproduced using the typical colors of iconography and covered with pure silver 999%, showcasing the splendor and solemnity of the divine figures they represent. Artistry in Detail: Materials and Dimensions The main icon measures approximately 5.12 x 7.1 (13cm x 18cm), with the smaller icons measuring 2.00 x 2.50 (64mm x 50mm), offering a harmonious blend of presence and intimacy. Crafted from natural wood and adorned with a 999 silver plate, these icons reflect a commitment to quality and durability. The use of MDF wood ensures longevity, while the silver plating, applied using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology, complies with European standards, guaranteeing that the icons remain pristine for decades. This careful attention to material and method underscores the sacredness of the icons, imbuing them with a timeless beauty and spiritual potency. The Spiritual and Decorative Application Icons are more than mere decorations; they are spiritual tools that invite contemplation and prayer, bridging the earthly and the divine. This icon set, with its depictions of Christ, the Mother of God, and the Guardian Angel, serves as a daily reminder of divine protection, maternal care, and Christ's eternal love. Whether placed in a home, office, or church, these icons sanctify the space, turning it into a realm of spiritual reflection and peace. Moreover, the set, presented in a handmade spiritual gift box, emerges as an ideal choice for religious occasions—be it baptisms, weddings, or anniversaries—embodying deep spiritual connections and the rich heritage of Orthodox Christianity. It represents not just a gift of art, but a gift of faith, a means to share the spiritual journey with loved ones, and a way to introduce the sacred into everyday life. Andcross Artwork: A Legacy of Sacred Art Crafted in the European Union by special order for the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, this icon set stands as a testament to the enduring legacy and excellence of sacred art. Andcross is synonymous with quality and authenticity, ensuring that each piece is not only a work of beauty but also a vessel of profound spiritual meaning. The meticulous attention to detail and adherence to traditional iconographic standards make Andcross artwork highly sought after by collectors and devotees alike, bridging the gap between ancient tradition and contemporary craftsmanship. Beyond Borders: The Global Reach of Sacred Art In today's interconnected world, the accessibility of sacred artifacts like this icon set is paramount. Shipped from Europe, it is available for delivery worldwide, ensuring that believers and art aficionados across the globe can own a piece of this divine heritage. The promise of delivery within 5 - 20 days speaks to the efficiency and reach of Andcross, making sacred art more accessible than ever. A Beacon of Faith in the Modern World The Great Miraculous Icon set is more than a collection of religious icons; it is a beacon of faith, a bridge between the celestial and the earthly, and a testament to the timeless beauty of Orthodox art. Its creation, rooted in the venerable traditions of Byzantine iconography, continues to inspire and uplift the faithful, offering a window into the divine. Through its presence, believers are reminded of the profound truths of Christianity, the omnipotence of Christ, the protective gaze of the Guardian Angel, and the nurturing presence of the Mother of God. Let all who gaze upon these icons be drawn closer to the divine, finding peace, solace, and spiritual renewal in their venerable images. In a world increasingly in need of hope and sanctity, this icon set stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith and the sacred art that conveys the ineffable mysteries of the divine.
1 review for Handmade Christ & Guardian Angel Icon Set + Gift Box
Ada Niculescu
2021-12-17 10:12:25
Beautiful and very special icon of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Nice wooden stand on the back for placing it on the shelf. I’m pleased with the quality of this product and fast shipping. I was happy to receive a set of postcards with this purchase as well. Without doubt I will shop again at Andcross.  Thanks a lot! 🙏 
5 out of 5



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