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Jesus Christ Pantocrator Icon: Silver Plated 13x18cm


Silver-Plated Orthodox Icon: Mother of God Seven Arrows 13x18cm
80.00 69.60 (13%)
Medium Wooden Russian Orthodox Icon Mother Of God Seven Arrows. Silver Plated .999 Oklad Riza ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm. B164
Silver-Plated Pantocrator Icon in Handmade Case 13x18cm
80.00 69.60 (13%)
Medium Wooden Russian Orthodox Icon Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator. Silver Plated .999 Oklad Riza ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm. B166
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Product Code: B165
The sizes are about : W – 5.12″ , L – 7.10″ (13cm x 18cm).

EAN: 1390000271524
SKU: B165
In the pantheon of Christian sacred art, the image of Jesus Christ Pantocrator holds a place of unparalleled significance. This depiction of Christ as the Ruler of All is a cornerstone of Orthodox Christian iconography, embodying the dual nature of Christ as both a merciful savior and a righteous judge. Through the ages, the Pantocrator icon has served as a profound medium of theological expression and spiritual contemplation, its imagery inviting the faithful to ponder the mysteries of divine compassion and sovereignty. Origins and Historical Significance The tradition of depicting Jesus Christ as the Pantocrator finds its roots in the Byzantine Empire, where it became a central motif in Christian art from the 6th century onwards. The term Pantocrator, derived from Greek, encapsulates the all-encompassing power of Christ over the universe. This iconic representation, often found in the dome or apse of Orthodox churches, portrays Christ holding the Gospel and blessing the viewer, symbolizing His teachings and benevolence. This particular Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator icon is a faithful reproduction of a Byzantine sacred image, capturing the essence of this revered art form. Utilizing the traditional colors of iconography and meticulous craftsmanship, it serves as a bridge between the ancient and the contemporary, bringing the solemn beauty and spiritual depth of Byzantine art into the modern age. Craftsmanship and Materiality At the heart of this icon's appeal is its exceptional craftsmanship and the quality of materials used in its creation. Measuring approximately 5.12 inches in width and 7.10 inches in length (13cm x 18cm), the icon presents a harmonious blend of artistry and devotion. Crafted by hand from MDF, a material chosen for its durability and fine texture, the icon is a durable artifact designed to inspire generations. The image is meticulously covered in pure silver 999%, employing the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology to ensure that its radiant finish remains pristine over the years. This process, conforming to European standards, imbues the icon with a transcendent quality, its surface reflecting the light of faith. The Spiritual and Decorative Application As a piece of spiritual home decor, the Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator icon transcends mere ornamentation. It is a focal point of prayer and meditation, a reminder of the divine presence in everyday life. This icon is particularly cherished for its role in personal and communal worship, serving as an aid to prayer and a source of comfort and inspiration. Its presence in a home sanctifies the space, creating a spiritual ambiance that enriches the lives of believers. Moreover, this icon makes for a profound handmade icon gift, embodying the deep spiritual connections and the rich heritage of Orthodox Christianity. Whether given as a present for religious occasions, such as baptisms, weddings, or feast days, or as a gesture of care and blessing, the icon carries with it a message of hope, faith, and divine protection. Andcross Artwork: A Synthesis of Tradition and Craftsmanship Produced in the European Union by special order for the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, this icon is a testament to the enduring legacy of sacred art. Andcross is renowned for its commitment to quality and authenticity, ensuring that each piece not only serves as an object of beauty but also as a vessel of profound spiritual significance. The meticulous attention to detail and adherence to traditional iconographic standards make Andcross artwork highly sought after by collectors and devotees alike. Presentation and Global Reach Understanding the importance of presentation, this miraculous icon is carefully packed in a handmade gift box, ready to be received with reverence and joy. This attention to packaging not only protects the icon during transit but also elevates the unboxing experience, highlighting the sacredness of the artifact within. With shipping available from Europe to locations worldwide, the Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator icon is accessible to believers across the globe. The promise of delivery within 10 - 20 days ensures that this embodiment of divine artistry and spiritual heritage can be cherished by the faithful, no matter where they reside. A Beacon of Faith for the Modern World The Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator icon stands as a beacon of faith, bridging the celestial and the earthly, the ancient and the modern. Its creation, rooted in the venerable traditions of Byzantine iconography, continues to inspire and uplift the faithful, offering a window into the divine. Through its presence, believers are reminded of the profound truths of Christianity, the omnipotence of Christ, and the enduring power of sacred art to convey the ineffable mysteries of faith. Let all who gaze upon it be drawn closer to the divine, finding peace, solace, and spiritual renewal in its venerable image.
2 reviews for Jesus Christ Pantocrator Icon: Silver Plated 13x18cm
2021-03-05 15:09:18
This icon of Jesus Christ is splendid! The image is touching to the depths of my soul! The wood is high-end and durable! How lucky I am to have discovered this store! Not to mention that the packaging, presentation (gift box) and sending are at the TOP! Infinite gratitude to Andcross and everyone involved!
5 out of 5
Paolo G
2021-01-17 10:25:07
Love it, enjoyed the packaging it was wrapped in and the box. The icon came fully protected, which is important considering its value. This item is going to be my center piece at the altar from now on.
5 out of 5



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