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Silver 999 Icon Duo: Holy Family & Mother Vladimir 6x4cm


Silver Icon Trio: Jesus, Kazan, St. George 6x4cm
121.00 83.49 (31%)
Silver Plated .999. Orthodox Icons. Lord Jesus Christ, Mother of God Kazan, St George Warrior. Set of 3 icons. ( 6.4cm X 5cm ). B320
Divine Icons Set: Jesus & Vladimir Mother 6x4cm
89.00 61.41 (31%)
Silver Plated .999 Orthodox Icons Mother of God Vladimir, Lord Jesus Christ. Set of 2 icons. (6.4cm X 5cm).B318
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Product Code: B319.
The sizes are about : W – 2.00″ , L -2.50″ (64 mm x 50 mm).

EAN: 1390000297692
SKU: B319
In the realm of Orthodox Christian art, icons are not merely decorative pieces but profound symbols of faith and windows to the divine. Among these, the set comprising the Holy Family and Mother of God Vladimir icons, both plated in 999 silver, represents a pinnacle of spiritual artistry. These pieces serve as central elements in the practice of faith, revered in both personal and communal spaces. The Significance of Icons in Orthodox Christianity Icons hold a special place in Orthodox Christianity, serving as tangible connections to the holy figures they depict. They are venerated not as idols but as reminders of the divine presence in the earthly realm. The Orthodox Icon Duo of the Holy Family and Mother of God Vladimir art embodies this sacred tradition, offering believers a focus for prayer and meditation. The Artistic Heritage of the Holy Family and Mother of God Vladimir Icons Holy Family Christian Icon: This icon captures the intimate connection between Mary, Joseph, and the Infant Jesus, symbolizing love, protection, and divine grace within the family unit. Mother of God Vladimir Art: One of the most venerated icons in Christian history, it is celebrated for its miraculous properties and profound spiritual significance, symbolizing the Mother of God's compassion and mercy. The Craftsmanship of 999 Silver Plated Icons Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these icons are the result of skilled artisanship. The serigraphy icon art process ensures that each image remains vibrant and detailed over time. The application of 999 silver plating adds a radiant beauty that enhances their sacred presence, making them not only objects of veneration but also masterpieces of religious art. European Crafted Religious Icons: A Testament to Quality and Tradition Manufactured in the EU by special order for the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, this icon set exemplifies the highest standards of quality and spiritual value. The tradition of iconography, deeply rooted in European craftsmanship, is vividly represented in these pieces, reflecting a commitment to preserving the sacred art form. Product Specifications Each icon in the set measures approximately 2.00 inches in width and 2.50 inches in length (64 mm x 50 mm), crafted from a special metal PVD alloy treated with pure silver 999 plating. This technique ensures durability and beauty, allowing the sacred images to inspire devotion for years to come. The icons are brand new, unused, and shipped in a gift box, making them ideal for both personal use and as a religious gift set. The Role of Icons in Worship and Prayer Icons play a crucial role in Orthodox worship and personal devotion, serving as focal points for prayer and reflection. This Orthodox Icon Duo, featuring the Holy Family and Mother of God Vladimir, enriches the spiritual practice of believers, inviting them into a deeper communion with the divine. Orthodox Church Decor Pieces: Enhancing the Sacred Space Beyond their role in personal devotion, these icons contribute significantly to Orthodox church decor, adding depth and beauty to the sacred space. Their presence enhances the liturgical environment, inviting worshippers into a deeper experience of the divine mysteries. Collecting and Preserving Christian Religious Art For collectors of religious art, this set represents a significant addition to any collection. The combination of spiritual significance, artistic beauty, and craftsmanship makes these silver icon collectibles valuable pieces of Christian heritage, worthy of preservation and veneration. The Enduring Legacy of Orthodox Icons The 999 silver-plated Orthodox Icon Duo of the Holy Family and Mother of God Vladimir stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith expressed through art. Bridging the divine and the devout, these icons serve as sources of inspiration, comfort, and spiritual guidance, embodying the rich traditions of Orthodox Christianity. Call to Action For those drawn to the beauty and depth of Orthodox Christian art, this icon set offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of this rich tradition. It invites believers and art enthusiasts to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Orthodox iconography, fostering a deeper connection with the spiritual heritage of Christianity.
2 reviews for Silver 999 Icon Duo: Holy Family & Mother Vladimir 6x4cm
From Lara
2023-05-21 19:14:14
Immediatelly placed these icons in my prayer corner - what a treasure to have them. It is hard to do these beautiful handmade icons justice with words, and they are even more lovely than the photos. Very lovely pieces, and a pleasure to display in my prayer corner. Thank you for all !
5 out of 5
2023-04-02 12:37:33
These icons of the Holy Family and Virgin of Vladimir go beyond my expectations and are so beautiful ! It's well made, and it looks exactly as pictured . Big thanks for craftsmen creating such high-quality products and for Andcross for making them accessible for believers who do not have Orthodox workshops and churches nearby.
5 out of 5



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