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Silver Icon Trio: Christ, Kazan & Vladimir Set


St. Panteleimon Healer Icon 21×28 Gold & Silver
274.00 189.06 (31%)
The Great Miraculous Christian Orthodox Silver Icon — The Saint Panteleimon The Great Martyr and Healer 21×28 Gold and silver version. B368
Seven Swords Mother of God Icon 21×28
274.00 189.06 (31%)
The Great Miraculous Christian Orthodox Silver Icon — The Seven Swords Mother of God 21×28 Gold and silver version/Coloured version. B336
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Product Code: B354.
The sizes are about : W – 2.00″ , L -2.50″ (64 mm x 50 mm).

EAN: 1390000299252
SKU: B354
Orthodox Christian iconography is a profound expression of faith and theology, rendered in visual form. Icons are not mere religious decorations; they are considered windows to the divine, facilitating a spiritual dialogue between the faithful and the holy figures they depict. The tradition of venerating icons is deeply embedded in Orthodox spirituality, with each icon serving as a focal point for prayer and contemplation. The Significance of the Lord Jesus Christ, Kazan, and Vladimir Icons At the heart of this sacred tradition are the icons of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Mother of God Kazan, and the Mother of God Vladimir. Each of these icons carries with it a rich tapestry of history, miracles, and devotional significance. The Lord Jesus Christ icon is central to Orthodox worship, embodying the presence of Christ. The Kazan and Vladimir icons of the Mother of God are revered for their miraculous intercessions and are beloved among the faithful for their protective and guiding presence. The Miraculous Nature of These Icons The set of three icons—Lord Jesus Christ, Kazan, and Vladimir—are collectively known for their miraculous properties. Throughout history, these icons have been associated with divine interventions, from the healing of the sick to the protection of cities from invasion. Their veneration goes beyond artistic appreciation, entering the realm of personal and communal faith. The Artistry and Craftsmanship Behind the Icons Crafted in the European tradition, these icons are the result of a meticulous process that blends spiritual devotion with artistic precision. Manufactured by special order for the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, each icon is a testament to the enduring legacy of Orthodox art. The use of a special metal PVD alloy, coated with pure silver 999 plating, ensures that the serigraphy—a printing technique that produces vibrant, detailed images—remains unchanged over time, preserving the sacred images in their original glory. Detailed Product Information The set includes three icons, each measuring 2.00 inches in width and 2.50 inches in length (64 mm x 50 mm), making them ideal for both personal devotion and as part of a home altar. The use of pure silver 999 plating not only adds a layer of beauty and reverence but also signifies the icons' purity and sanctity. Despite their precious metal construction, these icons are designed to be lightweight, ensuring they can be easily placed or hung in a variety of settings. This careful consideration of dimensions, materials, and weight makes the icons both accessible and revered pieces of spiritual art. The Historical and Spiritual Journey of These Icons The Lord Jesus Christ, Kazan, and Vladimir icons each have a storied history that spans centuries. These icons have played pivotal roles in the spiritual lives of believers, serving as sources of inspiration, guidance, and divine protection. Their stories are woven into the fabric of Orthodox Christian history, marking significant moments of joy, sorrow, and miraculous deliverance. Icons as Spiritual Collectibles and Religious Art Gifts Orthodox icons are cherished not only for their spiritual significance but also as collectibles and gifts that carry deep religious meaning. The set of Lord Jesus Christ, Kazan, and Vladimir icons, with their silver plating and serigraphic detail, are particularly sought after by collectors and those looking to give a meaningful spiritual gift. Whether for a baptism, wedding, or other significant milestone, these icons serve as lasting reminders of faith and divine presence. Enhancing Orthodox Home Decor with Sacred Christian Art Integrating Orthodox icons into home decor is a practice that transforms ordinary living spaces into sanctified environments, reminiscent of a church setting. The Lord Jesus Christ, Kazan, and Vladimir icons, when placed in a home, serve as constant reminders of the divine and provide a focal point for prayer and reflection. Their presence enriches the spiritual atmosphere of the home, making it a place of peace and spiritual refuge. The Role of European Crafted Icons in Preserving Tradition The tradition of iconography in Europe is characterized by a commitment to preserving the sacred art forms of the past while embracing the craftsmanship and materials available in the present. The European crafted icons, such as this set, exemplify this heritage, bridging ancient practices with contemporary artistry. They stand as a testament to the living tradition of Orthodox Christianity, embodying the faith's rich artistic and spiritual legacy. Embracing the Divine Through Iconography The set of Lord Jesus Christ, Kazan, and Vladimir icons represents more than just pieces of religious art; they are gateways to the divine, offering believers a tangible connection to the spiritual realm. These icons, with their deep historical roots and exquisite craftsmanship, invite the faithful to embrace the mystery and majesty of the Orthodox faith. They stand as a testament to the enduring power of faith, art, and tradition within the Orthodox Christian world. The Andcross Legacy: Spreading the Beauty of Orthodoxy Andcross has dedicated itself to preserving and sharing the beauty of Orthodox iconography. Through their commitment to quality and tradition, they offer icons that are not only visually stunning but also spiritually profound. Photographed with care and presented in a thoughtful gift box, these icons are ready to continue their journey into the homes and hearts of the faithful, enriching the spiritual lives of all who venerate them. This comprehensive exploration, integrating the provided keywords, offers readers a deep dive into the significance, artistry, and spiritual value of the Lord Jesus Christ, Kazan, and Vladimir icons, enriching their understanding of Orthodox Christian iconography.
1 review for Silver Icon Trio: Christ, Kazan & Vladimir Set
Kira (Poznan, Poland)
2023-08-19 14:20:43
My order arrived on time in perfect condition - excited to use these for prayer. Such a profound work – like a window into heaven. Price is reasonable considering the true value of these icons. I want to thank everyone from ANDCROSS Orthodox Art Corporation very much for professional attitude and organising delivery.
5 out of 5



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