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Silver Icons Set: St. George & Jesus Christ 6x4cm


Miraculous Orthodox Icons: Jesus & Vladimir, Silver Plated
89.00 61.41 (31%)
Set of 2 Small Russian Orthodox Icons Mother of God Vladimir, Lord Jesus Christ. Silver Plated .999 ( 6cm X 4cm ). B125
Silver Icons: Kazan Madonna & Christ Pantocrator
89.00 61.41 (31%)
Set of 2 Small Russian Orthodox Icons Mother of God Kazan, Christ Pantocrator. Silver Plated .999 ( 6cm X 4cm ). B127
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Product Code: B126
The sizes are about : W – 1.60″ , L -2.35″ (64 mm x 50 mm).

EAN: 1390000268784
SKU: B126
Orthodox Christian icons serve as profound spiritual symbols, connecting believers with the divine through contemplation and prayer. These sacred images, representing figures such as the Lord Jesus Christ and St. George the Warrior, are not merely decorative but are venerated as windows to the spiritual world. The tradition of iconography in the Orthodox Church is rich and deeply rooted in history, embodying the faith, doctrines, and spiritual aspirations of the Christian tradition. The Miraculous Duo: Lord Jesus Christ and St. George Warrior Icons The set of two small icons featuring the Lord Jesus Christ and St. George Warrior encapsulates the essence of Orthodox spirituality. The Lord Jesus Christ icon is central to Orthodox worship, symbolizing the Savior's compassion, salvation, and eternal love for humanity. Meanwhile, the icon of St. George slaying the dragon represents the triumph of good over evil, courage in faith, and the protector of believers. Together, they offer a powerful testament to the Christian virtues of faith, bravery, and divine grace. The Artistry and Craftsmanship Behind the Icons Crafted with devotion and precision, these icons represent the pinnacle of Orthodox artistry. Made in the European Union by special order for the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, each icon is a product of high craftsmanship, designed to inspire and uplift the faithful. Utilizing a special metal PVD alloy with pure silver 999 plating, the icons are created using serigraphy—a technique that ensures detailed, vibrant, and enduring images. This process captures the sacredness and beauty of the depicted figures, making the icons not only spiritual tools but also works of art. Detailed Product Specifications The dimensions of each icon in this set are specifically 1.60 inches in width and 2.35 inches in length (60 mm x 40 mm), offering a compact yet profound presence for personal veneration or as part of home decor. The use of a special metal PVD alloy, coated with pure silver 999, not only adds to the icon's aesthetic appeal but also signifies its sanctity and durability. Despite their precious composition, these icons are designed to be lightweight, ensuring they can be placed or hung with ease, making them accessible and revered pieces of spiritual art. The Historical and Spiritual Journey of These Icons The Lord Jesus Christ and St. George the Warrior have been venerated in Christian tradition for centuries, with each icon carrying its own unique story and significance. The depiction of Jesus Christ is foundational to Christian iconography, offering believers a focal point for worship and reflection on the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. St. George, celebrated as a martyr and dragon slayer, embodies the Christian soldier's virtues, steadfast in faith against all adversities. The history of these icons is intertwined with countless stories of faith, miracles, and the profound impact on the spiritual lives of believers. Icons as Spiritual Protection and Religious Art Gifts These small Orthodox icons are not only considered sacred art treasures but also serve as powerful symbols of spiritual protection. Believers often turn to these icons for comfort, guidance, and intercession in times of need. As religious art gifts, they carry deep spiritual meaning, making them thoughtful and cherished presents for baptisms, weddings, and other significant religious milestones. Their role as spiritual protectors and symbols of faith makes them invaluable to those who receive them. Enhancing Orthodox Home Decor with Sacred Art Incorporating Orthodox icons into home decor is a practice that sanctifies the living space, creating an environment conducive to prayer and spiritual reflection. The Lord Jesus Christ and St. George Warrior icons, with their rich symbolism and divine protection, serve as daily reminders of faith and devotion. Their presence in a home brings not only aesthetic beauty but also a spiritual dimension, elevating the space into a sanctuary of faith. The Role of European Crafted Icons in Preserving Tradition The tradition of crafting Orthodox icons in Europe is a testament to the region's rich history of religious art. These European crafted icons, made by skilled artisans who adhere to the traditional techniques and spiritual essence of iconography, ensure the preservation and transmission of the Orthodox faith through art. The Lord Jesus Christ and St. George Warrior icons, produced with meticulous attention to detail and spiritual integrity, are prime examples of this enduring legacy. Embracing the Spiritual Essence Through Iconography The set of small Orthodox icons of the Lord Jesus Christ and St. George Warrior represents more than just religious decorations; they are spiritual conduits that offer believers a tangible connection to the divine. Through the veneration of these icons, the faithful are invited to deepen their spiritual journey, drawing inspiration from the virtues and divine presence these sacred images embody. They stand as a testament to the power of faith, the triumph of good over evil, and the enduring beauty of Orthodox Christian art. The Andcross Legacy: Spreading the Beauty of Orthodoxy Andcross plays a crucial role in preserving and disseminating the beauty of Orthodox iconography by offering these and other meticulously crafted icons. Each icon, carefully photographed and presented in a gift box, is ready to find its place in the homes and hearts of the faithful, enriching their spiritual lives and continuing the legacy of Orthodox spirituality for generations to come.
1 review for Silver Icons Set: St. George & Jesus Christ 6x4cm
Olivia M.
2022-06-19 21:43:12
Great store for believers, prompt and efficient. I like the work they do for believers: offering items for prayer, organizing pilgrim trips… Amazing community! About my order here: absolutely beautiful products and already blessed in monasteries! These two wonderful icons are now sitting in our prayer corner. Thank you very much 🙏🏻
5 out of 5



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