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Silver Plated Mother of God Vladimir Icon 3.1×4.3


Silver Plated Jesus Christ Pantocrator Icon 3.1×4.3
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Orthodox Icon Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator. Silver Plated .999 Oklad ( 3.1″ X 4.3″ ) 8cm X 11cm. Handmade. Gift case. B420
Saint Nicholas Wonderworker. Handmade wood Orthodox Icon Plated silver .999 ( 3.1″ X 4.3″ ) 8cm X 11cm. Handmade. Gift case. B418
73.00 46.72 (36%)
Saint Nicholas Wonderworker. Handmade wood Orthodox Icon Plated silver .999 ( 3.1″ X 4.3″ ) 8cm X 11cm. Handmade. Gift case. B418
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Product Code: B419.
The sizes are about : W – 3.1″ , L – 4.3″ (8cm x 11cm).
Handmade. Gift case.

EAN: 1390000305489
SKU: B419
Embarking on a spiritual journey through the sacred realms of Christian artistry, we find ourselves in the presence of the Mother of God Vladimir Icon, a masterpiece that represents not just the pinnacle of religious devotion but also the exquisite fusion of age-old tradition and contemporary craftsmanship. This icon is more than a mere object of veneration; it is a beacon of faith, a symbol of divine protection, and a testament to the enduring spirit of Orthodox Christianity through the centuries. Crafted with profound devotion and meticulous attention to detail, the Mother of God Vladimir Icon embodies the rich traditions of Orthodox Christian iconography while embracing modern artistic techniques to create a piece of religious art that resonates with believers across the globe. Historical Significance and Spiritual Essence The Mother of God Vladimir Icon holds a special place in the heart of the Orthodox Christian community. It is revered not only for its artistic beauty but also for its miraculous powers and the deep spiritual connection it fosters between the divine and the earthly realms. This iconic depiction of the Virgin Mary, cradling the Christ Child, has been a source of inspiration, solace, and hope for countless generations, symbolizing unconditional love, maternal protection, and divine grace. The origin of the Vladimir Icon dates back to Byzantium, making it a priceless piece of Byzantine iconography gifts. Its journey from the ancient world to modern times is a testament to its enduring significance and the profound impact it has had on the development of Christian art and spirituality. The Mother of God Vladimir Icon is not just a sacred image; it is a historical artifact that bridges the past with the present, inviting believers to partake in a centuries-old tradition of devotion and worship. Craftsmanship and Artistry: A Convergence of Tradition and Innovation The creation of the Mother of God Vladimir Icon is a testament to the skill and passion of artisans who are deeply rooted in the traditions of Orthodox iconography. These craftsmen and women, through their devotion and meticulous attention to detail, bring to life the sacred images that have adorned churches and homes for centuries. The process of creating this icon is a delicate balance of adhering to the canonical guidelines of icon painting while incorporating modern techniques to enhance its beauty and longevity. At the forefront of these modern techniques is the application of 999 silver plating, achieved through the advanced PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology. This method ensures that the icon's sacred luster remains untarnished by time or environmental factors, encapsulating the divine image in a protective embrace that guarantees its preservation for generations to come. The use of pure silver 999% in religious icons not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also imbues them with a sense of purity and sanctity befitting the holy figures they depict. Dimensions, Material, and Weight: Delving into the Details The Mother of God Vladimir Icon, crafted from natural wood and adorned with a 999 silver plate, is a marvel of religious artistry. It measures approximately W - 3.1, L - 4.3 (8cm x 11cm), offering a harmonious balance between size and visibility that makes it suitable for both personal devotion and public display. The choice of MDF as the base material, known for its durability and stability, ensures that the icon stands the test of time, while the brown color of the wood provides a warm and inviting backdrop to the gleaming silver overlay. This combination of materials not only contributes to the icon's aesthetic beauty but also its physical robustness, ensuring that it remains a cherished spiritual companion for many decades. A Divine Gift of Faith In keeping with the tradition of gifting sacred objects as a means of imparting blessings and protection, the Mother of God Vladimir Icon comes encased in a handmade gift box, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to convey their deepest spiritual wishes to loved ones. Whether it is for a baptism, a wedding, an anniversary, or any significant milestone, this icon serves as a profound expression of faith, hope, and love. The inclusion of a gift box not only enhances the presentation of the icon but also underscores the reverence and sanctity of the gift itself, making it a treasured possession for the recipient. The Role of Andcross in Promoting Orthodox Christian Art The production of the Mother of God Vladimir Icon by the esteemed Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross is a reflection of the organization's unwavering commitment to preserving the sacred traditions of Christian iconography. Through their dedication to employing skilled artisans, utilizing the finest materials, and adhering to authentic iconographic techniques, Andcross has established itself as a bastion of quality and spirituality in the world of religious art. The meticulous attention to detail and the deep respect for the spiritual essence of each icon ensure that every piece produced is not merely an object of art but a vessel of faith and devotion. Embracing Global Spirituality through Worldwide Icon Shipping In today's interconnected world, the beauty and sanctity of the Mother of God Vladimir Icon are not confined to any single geographic location. Thanks to worldwide icon shipping, this exquisite piece of religious art is accessible to believers and collectors from all corners of the earth. Whether one resides in a bustling metropolis or a secluded countryside, the opportunity to own or gift this sacred icon is merely a few clicks away. This accessibility broadens the reach of Orthodox Christian icons, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds to experience the spiritual wealth and artistic heritage of the Orthodox tradition. The Timeless Legacy of the Mother of God Vladimir Icon The Mother of God Vladimir Icon stands as a luminous testament to the enduring power of faith, the beauty of religious art, and the unbreakable bond between the divine and the human spirit. Its creation, a harmonious blend of ancient tradition and contemporary craftsmanship, offers a window into the soul of Orthodox Christianity, inviting believers to engage with their faith on a deeper, more personal level. As a piece of durable wood Orthodox icons, it symbolizes the lasting strength of spiritual devotion, capable of transcending the vicissitudes of time while retaining its profound beauty and sanctity. For those who seek a tangible connection to the divine, a source of inspiration and protection, or simply a work of art that embodies the depth and richness of Christian tradition, the Mother of God Vladimir Icon is a treasure beyond compare.
3 reviews for Silver Plated Mother of God Vladimir Icon 3.1×4.3
2024-03-02 18:07:18
Beautiful icon as always, it looked great and arrived well within the expected time frame. Many thanks to Pilgrim Ecclesiastic Educational Centre Andcross for helping believers in all possible ways. I’m thinking of booking a pilgrimage with the Centre this summer to get closer to God and visit holy sites
5 out of 5
From: Claudia
2024-01-12 11:52:45
I was delighted with the icon of Theotokos. It arrived earlier than expected and it was very well wrapped/protected. Lovely to have a quality handpainted reproduction of this ancient image of Virgin Mary in the house. Many thanks indeed for your service!
5 out of 5
Larry Wilson
2023-05-07 13:26:42
Magnificent icon quality! Great painting and perfect sizing for my altar, a lovely reminder of St. Mary’s wisdom and intercession. I am very happy with my order and the result is really beautiful! May Jesus bless you forever! 🙏🏼
5 out of 5



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