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Silver Plated Seven Arrows Mother of God Icon 3.1×4.3


Seven Arrows Mother of God 999 Silver Icon 3.1×4.3
73.00 46.72 (36%)
Mother Of God Seven Arrows. Silver Plated 999. Wooden Orthodox Icon ( 3.1″ X 4.3″ ) 8cm X 11cm. Handmade. Gift case. B413
St. John the Baptist Silver Icon + Gift Box
80.00 69.60 (13%)
Saint John The Baptist Christian Orthodox Icon Silver Plated 999 Handmade, Christian Silver Handmade Icon, Gift box. B411
(2 customer reviews)

Product Code: B412.
The sizes are about : W – 3.1″ , L – 4.3″ (8cm x 11cm).
Handmade. Gift case.

EAN: 1390000305274
SKU: B412
Creating a comprehensive narrative that honors the depth and sanctity of the Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon, while weaving in the specified keywords, requires a journey through the rich tapestry of Orthodox Christian art, its traditions, and the meticulous craftsmanship that brings such sacred images to life. This narrative not only aims to shed light on the icon's spiritual and artistic significance but also to provide insight into the techniques and materials that make it a miraculous symbol of faith. Introduction to the Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon In the realm of Orthodox Christian art, the Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon holds a unique and profound place. This icon, steeped in the rich traditions of Byzantine sacred images, represents a deep spiritual narrative that speaks volumes to the faithful. The Seven Arrows, symbolic of the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary, offer a poignant reflection on suffering, compassion, and unwavering faith. This icon, therefore, is not just an artifact of religious veneration; it is a portal to deeper spiritual understanding and contemplation. Historical and Spiritual Context The origins of the Seven Arrows Icon trace back to the Byzantine Empire, where iconography was not merely an art form but a theological and spiritual practice. Byzantine icons are known for their ability to convey complex spiritual truths and narratives through symbolic imagery and color. The Seven Arrows Icon, in particular, captures the intercession of the Virgin Mary in the sorrows and trials of the world, offering solace and protection to those who seek her guidance. Craftsmanship and Artistry of the Icon Crafting the Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon is a meticulous process that blends traditional iconography techniques with modern advancements. Artisans dedicated to the creation of handmade religious icons approach each piece with reverence and skill, ensuring that every detail reflects the sacredness of the subject. This icon is crafted from durable MDF, providing a stable and lasting base for the intricate artwork and silver adornment. The use of 999 silver plating, applied through PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology, exemplifies the blend of tradition and innovation. This technology ensures that the silver retains its luster and is protected from tarnishing, encapsulating the icon in a layer of divine brilliance that mirrors the purity and sanctity of the Virgin Mary herself. The choice of materials and techniques underscores the icon's role as a spiritual decor gift, offering both beauty and divine inspiration to any space. Dimensions, Material, and Weight The Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon measures approximately W - 3.1, L - 4.3 (8cm x 11cm), making it an ideal size for personal devotion or as a focal point within a larger space dedicated to spiritual reflection. Crafted from MDF and adorned with a layer of pure 999% silver, the icon exemplifies the marriage of durability and sacred beauty. The brown color of the MDF enhances the depth and richness of the silver, creating a striking visual contrast that highlights the detailed imagery of the icon. While the weight is not specifically mentioned, the quality of the materials used ensures that the icon has a substantial feel, signifying its importance and the care taken in its creation. The Role of Andcross Artisan Icons Andcross Artisan Icons plays a pivotal role in the preservation and dissemination of Orthodox Christian art. By employing skilled artisans who are deeply versed in the traditions of Byzantine iconography and equipped with modern technological advancements, Andcross ensures that each icon, including the Mother of God Seven Arrows, is a masterpiece of spiritual and artistic value. These icons are not merely decorative items; they are vessels of faith, meticulously crafted to inspire, uplift, and bring the divine into the everyday lives of believers. Worldwide Icon Shipping: Accessibility and Devotion In our increasingly connected world, the spiritual treasures of Orthodox Christianity are no longer confined by geographical boundaries. Worldwide icon shipping ensures that the miraculous Orthodox icons, such as the Mother of God Seven Arrows, can reach believers and collectors across the globe. This accessibility fosters a global community of faith, united in devotion and the shared appreciation of sacred art. Through the careful packaging and delivery of these icons, Andcross extends the reach of the Virgin Mary's protection and intercession, making these sacred images a source of solace and inspiration for the faithful around the world. A Legacy of Faith and Artistry The Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Orthodox Christian art and the deep spiritual lineage it represents. Through the skilled hands of artisans and the innovative techniques that protect and enhance its beauty, this icon serves as a bridge between the divine and the earthly, offering a tangible expression of faith and devotion. As a spiritual decor gift, it enriches the lives of those who receive it, serving as a constant reminder of the Virgin Mary's compassion and the profound spiritual narratives that shape the Orthodox Christian tradition. In embracing the Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon, believers and collectors are invited into a rich historical and spiritual journey, one that spans centuries and continues to inspire and uplift the human spirit in our contemporary world.
2 reviews for Silver Plated Seven Arrows Mother of God Icon 3.1×4.3
Rina T
2023-06-18 13:21:37
Incredibly made. Beautiful product for my prayer corner. Great icon, this image is one of my favourites of the Virgin. Came in a reasonable time, and looked just like the photo of it. Many thanks to Andcross Orthodox Workshop-Store
5 out of 5
2023-01-13 17:28:24
In these troubled times, I find icons really help me focus when praying…. The fact that this shop works directly with Christian artists clearly shows in the beautiful icons they have. Since I received the order carrying the Sorrowful Mother, it became the centre piece of my praying altar…
5 out of 5



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