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St. George the Victorious Icon Set – Pskovo-Pechersky


Kazan Mother of God Icon Set – Blessed & Handmade
88.00 78.32 (11%)
Orthodox Gift Set With The Icon Of Holy Mother Of God Kazan From Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery. B475
Holy Guardian Angel Icon Set – Blessed & Handcrafted
88.00 78.32 (11%)
Orthodox Gift Set With The Icon Of Holy Guardian Angel From Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery. B473
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Product code: B474.
Icon sizes are 90mm x 110mm x 20mm.
1 box with the 12 wax candles. The size is 195mm x 8mm.
Ceramics candlestick. The size is 70mm x 45mm.

EAN: 1390000309524
SKU: B474
Embarking on the journey to explore the profound essence of the St. George the Victorious Icon Gift Set, sourced from the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery, unfolds a narrative steeped in the rich tapestry of Orthodox Christian tradition and devotion. This meticulously curated set serves as a beacon of faith, embodying the spiritual legacy and artistic finesse that define the Orthodox religious experience. Through its sacred components, the set invites believers into a deeper communion with the divine, honoring one of Christianity's most revered warrior saints. Historical and Spiritual Legacy of St. George the Victorious Saint George the Victorious, known for his unwavering faith and his legendary battle with the dragon, stands as a towering figure in Christian hagiography. Celebrated across various Christian traditions, St. George's story is one of courage, triumph, and martyrdom. His depiction as a dragon-slayer symbolizes the victory of faith over evil, making him a patron saint of soldiers, scouts, and many nations and cities around the world. The icon of St. George the Victorious, central to this gift set, captures the essence of his legendary valor and sanctity. Handcrafted with meticulous care using traditional iconographic techniques—tempera, varnish, and drying oil on wood—the icon is more than a mere representation; it is a sacred window into the divine, blessed to convey the protective and intercessory power of St. George. Crafted and blessed within the venerable walls of the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery, this icon carries the spiritual resonance of one of Orthodoxy's most hallowed sites, bridging centuries of faith and devotion. Dimensions, Materials, and Sanctity of the Set The icon itself measures 90mm x 110mm x 20mm, a size that lends itself to personal veneration and contemplative prayer. Mounted on wood, the icon's material foundation underscores the durability and traditional character of Orthodox iconography, ensuring that this sacred artifact can be passed down through generations as a cherished heirloom of faith. Accompanying the icon is a set of 12 wax candles, each measuring 195mm x 8mm, and adorned with the image of St. George the Victorious. These candles, inscribed with the prayer Save and Protect, are designed for use in home praying, creating a sacred ambiance that enhances the devotional experience. The inclusion of a ceramic candlestick, sized at 70mm x 45mm, offers a fitting base for the candles, further enriching the set's aesthetic and spiritual harmony. Completing the set is an Orthodox prayer book containing the Akathist to St. George the Victorious. This prayer book invites the faithful to delve into the life and miracles of St. George, offering hymns and prayers that have been recited by believers for centuries. Together, these elements form a comprehensive devotional toolkit, enabling believers to engage deeply with the legacy of St. George through prayer, reflection, and ritual. Application and Devotional Practices The St. George the Victorious Icon Gift Set transcends its physical components to become a focal point of spiritual practice and devotion. Its use in personal and family prayer spaces not only honors the memory of St. George but also invites his intercessory power into the lives of the faithful. Lighting the Save and Protect candles before the icon, believers are reminded of the light of Christ that St. George bore witness to, even unto death. Incorporating the set into daily prayer routines, feast days, and moments of spiritual seeking enriches the fabric of devotional life, drawing the faithful closer to the virtues of courage, faith, and righteous struggle embodied by St. George. Through the Akathist prayers, believers are offered a language of devotion that transcends time, connecting them with the communal tradition of Orthodox worship and the personal quest for holiness. The St. George the Victorious Icon Gift Set from the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith, the beauty of Orthodox iconography, and the communal bonds of Christian devotion. Through its sacred artistry, historical depth, and spiritual utility, the set serves not only as an object of veneration but also as a tool for spiritual growth and reflection. It invites believers into the living tradition of the Orthodox Church, fostering a deeper engagement with the faith and the legacy of one of Christianity’s most venerated saints. Cultural and Spiritual Implications of the St. George Icon Set The St. George the Victorious Icon Gift Set, originating from the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery, serves not only as a personal devotional aid but also as a vital link to the rich tapestry of Orthodox Christian culture and spirituality. This part examines the set's role in cultural preservation, spiritual formation, and community engagement within the Orthodox faith. Preservation of Cultural Heritage The art of iconography, exemplified in the St. George icon, is a cornerstone of Orthodox Christian culture, encapsulating theological truths and spiritual narratives in visual form. By adhering to traditional techniques and materials—tempera, varnish, drying oil, and wood—the icon serves as a living testament to centuries-old artistic practices that have been passed down through generations. In an age where modernity often challenges traditional values, the icon set stands as a bulwark of cultural continuity, offering believers a tangible connection to the heritage of their faith. Moreover, the set's craftsmanship, blessed by the monastic community of Pskovo-Pechersky, underscores the monastery's enduring role in fostering spiritual and cultural identity among the faithful. Through such artifacts, the monastery extends its spiritual influence beyond its physical boundaries, contributing to the preservation and dissemination of Orthodox Christian culture. Spiritual Formation and Personal Devotion Engagement with the St. George Icon Gift Set invites the faithful into a deeper spiritual formation. The icon of St. George, depicting his victory over the dragon, serves as a potent symbol of the triumph of good over evil, faith over doubt, and martyrdom over earthly power. For the individual believer, this imagery provides a focal point for meditation on the virtues of courage, steadfastness, and trust in God's will—virtues that are increasingly pertinent in the contemporary world. The set's components—the icon, prayer candles, candlestick, and prayer book—collectively facilitate a structured approach to personal devotion, enabling believers to cultivate a daily rhythm of prayer and reflection. This rhythm not only nurtures individual faith but also prepares the faithful to live out their Christian calling in the world, inspired by the example of St. George. Community Engagement and Collective Memory While deeply personal in use, the St. George Icon Gift Set also plays a crucial role in community engagement and the nurturing of collective memory within the Orthodox Church. St. George's feast day, celebrated with great reverence across the Orthodox world, provides an occasion for communal prayer, liturgical celebration, and the reaffirmation of shared values and history. The set, through its use in homes and churches, becomes a means through which the story of St. George is woven into the fabric of community life. It reminds the faithful of their connection to a cloud of witnesses that transcends time and space, fostering a sense of belonging and identity within the wider body of Christ. The St. George the Victorious Icon Gift Set is a profound spiritual tool that transcends its immediate religious function, touching upon the realms of cultural heritage, personal spiritual growth, and community engagement. It encapsulates the dynamism of Orthodox Christianity, bridging the past and the present, the individual and the community, the sacred and the everyday. Through this set, the legacy of St. George—his faith, his victory, and his witness—continues to inspire and guide the faithful on their spiritual journey, enriching the Orthodox Christian life in all its dimensions.
3 reviews for St. George the Victorious Icon Set – Pskovo-Pechersky
2024-03-11 19:34:44
Exactly as ordered — the candles are really well, like you buy in a church. This cute set is so good for praying at home in our uncertain times. Big thanks to Andcross for wrapping and shipping everything with the utmost care!
5 out of 5
Alina Golovko
2023-06-09 13:04:26
An excellent well made products that are exactly as described. The ordering process was very easy and communication about delivery was timely and accurate. Will buy again from this store and recommend them to all Christians
5 out of 5
Rosa A.
2022-03-31 18:59:36
The items arrived on time and in excellent condition, and I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality. This purchase was well worth it, it it a ready-made set for praying and I am so happy to start using it right away
5 out of 5



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